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Cheesecake with Peaches

Updated: Mar 11

  • Who loves peaches, this is a real treat. It is quickly prepared, very tasty and children adore it. Follow recipe.

Ingredients: simple, total time: 50 min.
  • 200 g cream cheese

  • 100 g of powdered sugar

  • 2 Tablespoons lemon juice

  • 1 Tablespoon water

  • 1/2 bag gelatin (6 g)

  • 300 ml sweet sour cream

  • 1 bag whipped cream

  • 2 peaches

  • 230 g tea biscuits with chocolate sauce

  • 125 g room temperature butter

  • 250 ml of orange juice

  • 1 bag of colorless cake topping

  1. Place the tea biscuits in a bag and roll them over several times to crumble or grind them. Add butter and knead the mixture with your hands, then place it on the bottom of a round mold with a diameter of 22 cm.

  2. Refrigerate while preparing the filling.

  3. Add powdered sugar to the cream cheese and stir. Pour gelatin with lemon juice and water, then leave for 2–3 minutes to swell. Place the swollen gelatin on a hot plate and heat it until it melts, then add it to the cheese mixture. Pour the sweet-sour cream into a suitable bowl and add the whipped cream, then mix together. Combine the whipped cream and the mixture with the cheese, then add the chopped peaches that we peeled before. Arrange the filling in the mold and return to cooling.

  4. Prepare the cake topping according to the instructions from the bag, but instead of water, use 250 ml of juice, cool a bit and pour over the filling. Allow cooling before serving.

Buon appetito!

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