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Clay Magic Powder

Updated: Feb 14

  • Clay has a great power of absorption, it absorbs, drains and removes impurities from the body. Its action is antitoxic, increases the body's defenses, “revives” cells and supplies them with vital energy. Accelerates wound healing, cleanses the skin, improves food absorption, restores the balance of flora in the intestines and “evacuates” toxic substances that are harmful to health. Nothing will clean your body better than clay, again, which one depends! Clay is cheap and efficient, people don't even know how to use it or don't even remember! Those who have tried it do it every other day!

Where to buy clay? Which one to choose?

  • It is most desirable to buy clay in herbal pharmacies. It is produced in the form of granules or powder. There are several types of clay: green, red, yellow, gray, and white. However, green clay is most commonly used.

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