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Elder Flower Plant

Updated: Mar 5

Plant description:

Elder flower or elder grows as a shrub and 3 to 10 meters high. In the lower part of the tree, the bark is light brown, and in the upper part, gray-white, slightly furrowed and warty. The wood is surrounded by a cork, white and very light core. The opposite leaves are irregularly feathered with ovate, pointed, dark green leaves, which are serrated along the edge. The flowers are collected in a flat pate, and their color is white to yellowish-white. From the flowers, beans develop, initially green, then reddish-brown and finally bright black. The beans are small and juicy. The flowers have a strong and very pleasant scent, which becomes softer in the dry state. The taste of the flowers is bitter and aromatic. Raw beans (fruits) have an unpleasant taste, while they are prepared as a delicious compote.


It grows on the edges of forests and sunny forest clearings, in neglected places and near settlements.

Medicinal part of the plant:

Young shoots and young leaves are picked in the spring, flowers during flowering, fruits after ripening, and bark from February to November.

Healing effect:

Tea made from the leaves and shoots is used to promote the excretion of urine, accumulated fluids in the body, to treat diabetes as well as to cleanse and improve the blood. Flower tea is used in the treatment of colds, bronchitis, coughs, flu, initial pneumonia, severe sneezing, measles, scarlet fever, shortness of breath, asthma, initial tuberculosis and all rheumatic diseases.

The bark of branches and trees is used to prepare tea which removes difficulties in urination, kidney and bladder disorders, cures water sickness, various edemas and hard stools. The flower, the bark, the fruit, the leaf, and the root are also useful. Let there always be a call in your house.

Tea from its flowers will help you sweat with any form of cold or flu, which will significantly alleviate the disease. The essence is that all the harmful substances that the disease has contributed to are expelled with sweat. It also stops the disease by speeding up urination and making it easier.

Bark teas help regulate stool and make urination easier, but it must be dosed carefully and carefully, because excessive amounts can be dangerous. One smaller, flat (not filled!) Coffee spoon is used for one cup. During the day, we can drink only one cup of coffee – a maximum of two – and at longer intervals, sip by sip.

Ripe fruits are also called very useful. Among many other health-important substances, these berries, of course when fully ripe, have more B vitamins than any known food. Since they are not eaten fresh, the fruits are called cooked either as compote or as jam. They have a healing effect against insomnia.

Fresh berry juice is used in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia (neuralgia of the personal nerve), for strengthening, for mild regulation of stool, cleansing the blood, soothing abdominal cramps and intestinal colic, for appetite and improving blood circulation.

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