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Lemon Cheesecake-Greek Way

Updated: Feb 14

  • There are many ways and recipes to make a lemon cheesecake, this is one of the recipes for how the Greeks prepare it. Follow recipe.

Ingredients: simple, total time: 90 min

For the Base:

  • 250 g wholemeal cookies

  • 125 g melted butter (at room temperature)

For the Cream:

  • 300 g cream cheese

  • 400 g (1 box) sweetened condensed milk

  • 2 juicy limes or lemons (zest and juice)

  • 1 Tbsp powdered gelatin (or 2 sheets of gelatin — 4 g)

  • 1 Tbsp water

For Garnish:

  • 6 Tbsp sugar

  • 6 Tbsp water

  • 2 lemons (peel cut into thin strips)

  • 1/2 lemon (juice)

  1. For the lemon cheesecake, grind the cookies in the mixer bucket to become a powder. Little by little add the melted but cold butter and beat to combine.

  2. In a non-stick 20 cm ring form, empty the cookie mixture with the spoon and spread it on the base and on the sides (4 cm high on the side) as if creating a cookie case for the lemon cream. Freeze the cookie in the fridge for 30 min.

For the Cream:

  1. Put the softened cream cheese in a bowl and beat it a little with a whisk or a hand mixer until fluffy. Add the sweetened milk, the juice, and the lemon zest. Mix or beat with a hand mixer to combine the ingredients well. Place the gelatin in a jug or bowl. Pour over with water. Put the jug over a pot of boiling water, to melt the gelatin. Stir until well dissolved. Allow 3΄-4΄ to cool and add it to the cream. Mix well. Pour the cream on the iced cookie. Freeze the dessert in the refrigerator until the cream is firm to cut, about 3 hours.

For Garnish:

  1. Heat the sugar with the water. Once the sugar has melted, add the chopped lemon peels and the juice. Simmer for 5-6΄min. to lightly bind the syrup. Allow the mixture to cool.

  2. Unfold the cake. Cut into triangles, garnishing with a spoonful of the dessert.

  3. If you want, you can garnish with whipped cream. Buon appetito!

NOTE: For a smoother texture of the cream with a velvety effect, the gelatin must be completely dissolved and become liquid-like syrup before adding it to the cream. Only in this way is it properly homogenized in whatever cream is added. You can make the cream with gelatin powder or gelatin sheets. If you use gelatin sheets, you must first soak them in a bowl of cold water for 10΄ to swell. Then, you will put 2 tablespoons of water to boil. Squeeze the jellies well to drain the water and after removing the boiling water from the heat, pour in the jellies, shaking the pan, to melt. Mix well and after a few minutes add the liquid gelatin to the cream, stirring quickly. Freeze the cheesecake and enjoy it after a few hours that it has stabilized.

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