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Ravioli and Tortellini

Updated: Mar 9

  • If you had no idea how to make tortellini and ravioli, here is the original recipe, try to be a master of Italian cuisine. Follow recipe.

Ingredients: simple, total time: 30 min.
  • q.b fresh pasta already rolled out

  • q.s. stuffed with meat to taste stuffed with meat

  • 00 flour to taste 00 flour

  • yolk to taste egg yolk

Classic square ravioli (agnolotti)
  1. Let's brush the pastry with an egg.

  2. With the meat filling find the recipe here make large balls according to our tastes, place them on the dough, in rows, and then gently lay them on top of the other sheet.

  3. With a pasta cutter remove the excess part of the dough at the ends and with floured hands and press all the dough well.

  4. At this point trim the edge of the pasta and divide ravioli which are ready.

Ravioli a Bassoon
  1. Brush the pasta with egg and make our filling a bit smaller.

  2. Paying attention, go to overturn the dough and with the fingers we combine it well and then trim our ravioli.

  1. To make tortellini, always start by brushing the pastry with egg and cut it into squares.

  2. Put some stuffing inside, then make the two tips match up to form a triangle. Close it well from all sides. Raise the central tip and close the other two on the sides, and the tortellini is ready. Enjoy in bites!

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