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Recipes Lena

Updated: Jan 23

  • Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and I believe you will be motivated enough to start living and eating healthier. This website was created during the Crown Epidemic. I was inspired to write :), either out of sheer boredom or overtime, I don't know, maybe for both reasons :)), and probably because I love cooking so I want to share these posts with you. I remember that as a girl I was not so interested in sitting in the kitchen and watching while my mom was preparing various treats, I was like my whole generation, going out and hanging out :)) That interest started at the age of 17 and it can be said that I was still a layman at the time. In the 80's I started collecting recipes, from all sides from relatives and my travels, I even remember my father mistakenly throwing away a recipe book thinking it was an old notebook, I was very angry, I had to write again and collect again, don't ask me how I managed to do it myself :)) Basically, I have reached that I have over 20,000 of them today.

Recipes Lena
  • I am not one of those who consume all the food that is offered to me, it can be said that I am a bit picky, I have my refined taste, so I made a selection of all the good and famous dishes from certain countries. Among them are my recipes that are passed from generation to generation, which you will find on this page. In the Lena Recipes section, you will find my personal recipes, I believe you will like them.

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