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one cup of coffee

           Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

I hope that I will inspire you enough to start eating healthier and better.
I love to cook, for many years I have been collecting recipes from my closest friends and good chefs around the world, so I would like to share them with you.
You will enjoy these flavors of different countries, of course also in my kitchen.
I am a fan of good food and great recipes, I also like to prepare them.
That probably inspired me to create this blog.
As a small child, I was constantly hanging around the kitchen and watching my mother prepare various specialties, so I have remained a love since I was a child.
Through my various trips, as assistant skipper and cook on board, I had the opportunity to eat various specialties of phenomenal cuisine. The kitchens from Greece, France, Turkey, Italy, and Serbia with phenomenal recipes and delicious food were the most present.

I want this blog to serve you as a small manual, there will be a lot of everything here for everyone's taste, and always be there with me.

Coffee, a drink that wakes up, warms us, clears our thoughts. An inspiration to many creative people, it has become an indispensable moment in every day. With the sip of the first coffee, it inspires many of us from creating our works, including cooking. A phenomenal and magical drink that always shakes us up and gives us wonderful ideas.



one cup of coffee

More about me

I graduated from high school of economics, I worked for a long time in banks and larger trading groups. I decided to work abroad, in Italy, so my life continued here, where I met my husband.

Italy is a beautiful country, as is my Serbia. Novi Sad, where I was born, is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia. It is about 84 km from Belgrade.

Most foreigners and young people regularly visit my city, especially at the beginning of July because there is a music festival called "EXIT FESTIVAL". See more about it here.

It features popular pop, rock, techno and reggae singers as well as groups from various countries. At that time, my city seems quite energetic and lively, in fact it is beautiful to see so many young people in one place. This city is really worth a visit!

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