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Elixir for Prostate, Boosting Immunity and other Diseases

Updated: Feb 29

All bee products are extremely healthy!

  • In this article, I will write about this mixture of products for the treatment of the prostate and strengthening the immunity, and many other diseases.

  • This mixture or elixir: propolis, honey and pollen (Pollen -collected in May, frozen pollen stored in frozen bottles in the freezer at -20 degrees) because it is raw and not purified should be sifted pollen) This is extremely useful mixture in prostate diseases but also as a prevention for many other diseases, raising the immune system, faster recovery of patients and much more.


  • 300 g of pollen

  • 20 ml of propolis

  • 1 kg semi-crystallized honey

(royal jelly can also be added) because it has an even stronger effect

  1. When honey and pollen are well mixed, this mixture should wait 2 weeks for the pollen to dissolve in the honey, (otherwise, if you started consuming it in this state, it would not have that effect!). Rotate the jars invariably on the lid and vice versa every other day to dissolve better.

  2. After 2 weeks, remove the undissolved pollen from the top of the jar with a spoon and put it in a cup, you can use it with tea or water), add propolis and stir, close the jar and wait for everything to combine for another 7 days.

  3. When royal jelly is added to this mixture, we have the most useful one from nature, i.e., from bees.

    • This product is great for those who have prostate problems, who have a weak immune system and children who avoid healthy foods during the day, this way they get a lot of vitamins and useful minerals!

NOTE: Do not consume sugar cakes and chocolates, flour and spicy things that bother you, for the prostate, avoid sugar and sweets while taking this elixir. Use pumpkin seeds, they are very useful for the prostate!

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  • I would be happy if you would comment on my recipes and put like.

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