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Cake with Raspberries and Plasma Cream Lena

Updated: Feb 18

  • I have made this cake for husband's birthday and I can tell you that the cake is fantasy, very delicious, juicy and melts in your mouth! The cake is sparkling and soft! You can make whenever you want, the quantities are not large. It's easy to make and ready quickly. I designed and combined the ingredients myself, I believe you will like it as much as I do. It tastes perfect. Follow recipe.

Ingredients: tray 35x25 or casserole of the same dimensions, very easy, preparation time: 30 min., standing cake 1h. 20 servings


  • 200 g biscuit/ Savoyardi /Ladyfingers/

  • 200 ml of lukewarm milk


  • 300 g plasma (Bambi) / ground biscuits

  • 3 Tbsp sugar

  • 100 ml of milk, the rest of dip Savoyard

  • 100 g butter / room temperature

  • 170 ml carbonated orange juice (Fanta)

  • 200 ml sweet sour cream / whipped cream


  • 300 ml sweet sour cream/top of cake

  • 50 g of chocolate +10 g butter + 30 ml milk/ for decoration patterns/ top of cake

  • 400 g raspberries frozen or fresh + 3 Tbsp sugar (for the first base)

  1. Take a suitable rectangular cake tin. (casserole) 35×25 cm.

  2. First, make sure that there are 200 g of Savoyard in your pan, change the order if necessary.

  3. Put 400 g frozen raspberries and 3 Tbsp crystal sugar in a deep smaller pot, stir and let stand for about 30 minutes. If they are fresh, mix with sugar, pour 60 ml of water and put on a moderately moderate heat to cook for about 5–7 minutes. When done, leave a little to cool.

  4. Heat the milk over a slightly moderate heat, we need lukewarm, then dip the Savoyard /Ladyfingers biscuits and place them in a baking tray or a plastic tray 35×25 cm side by side. Arrange them so that there is no free space. The Savoyard base is only one level.

  5. When you're done, start making cream.


  1. In a deep bowl, whisk the butter and sugar to foamy. (butter has stood at room temperature).

  2. After that, add gradually ground biscuits, carbonated orange juice and rest of milk, mix it all well with a spoon into a homogeneous and compact mixture.

  3. In another deep bowl, add 200 ml sweet sour cream, mix well until the mixture becomes foamy.

  4. Then gradually add sweet cream to the biscuit filling, mix well with a mixer into a compact cream. When you're done filling. Set aside.


  1. With the help of a spoon, arrange the raspberries on the biscuits/ladyfingers together with his juice.

  2. Arrange the filling over the raspberries, and flatten the filling well with a spatula.

  3. In a deep bowl, add 300 ml of sweet sour cream and mix with a mixer into a solid and compact mixture.

  4. When the whipped cream is ready, apply evenly over the filling with a spatula and make small waves.

  5. When you are done, put the cake in the fridge at least for 1 hour.


  1. Stir in the chocolate, butter and a little milk, mix everything in steam stir until the mixture becomes liquid and even. Do this when the cake has stood in the fridge for 1 hour. Using a spoon, pour the patterns over the cream, invariably in curved lines. After that, leave the cake to stand for another 2 hours in the fridge. Serve dessert. Buon appetito!

NOTE: If you are making this cake in a tray and if the sides of the cake are exposed, then use 500 ml of sweet sour cream and line the edges with whipped cream with a spatula or cake knife. I made the cake in a baking casserole, so I didn't need a lot of whipped cream for the pages. I believe you will enjoy this wonderful and delicious cake. Lena

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