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Pumpkin Pie Lena

Updated: Mar 5

  • Homemade pumpkin pie, juicy and soft with the finished rind. It is quick to prepare and very easy to process, I believe you will like my recipe. Follow recipe.

Ingredients: simple, total time: 45 min.
  • 1 kg of pumpkin

  • 500 g of thin crust

  • 20 Tablespoons of sugar

  • 100 ml of oil+100 ml of mineral water mixed (if you do not have mineral water, mix with water and 1/2 tsp of baking powder)

  • powdered sugar for sprinkling

  • cinnamon optional

  1. Grate the pumpkin, add the sugar. Stir and let stand for 15 min.

  2. Then divide the crust into 3 parts.

  3. Turn on the oven to preheat to 180 °C.

  4. Coat the baking tray with oil. Take the crust, brush with oil mixed with mineral water. Sprinkle the crust with little sugar, then arrange the second crust, repeat the procedure, put the third crust, sprinkle with oil with mineral water, pumpkin filling at 1/3 of the bark lengthwise, together with the juice, flatten and wrap the pie.

  5. Consume material.

  6. Brush the top of the crust that you wrapped with oil, sprinkle with little mineral water, put the pie to bake at 180 °C, 15 min. finally strengthen to 200 °C for 5 minutes to get a crispy crust.

  7. The pie is ready when the crust is crispy and the filling is melted, and the pie has taken on a nice yellow color.

  8. When the pie is done, leave it to cool a bit and only then sprinkle with powdered sugar. Buon appetito!

NOTE: you can also use cinnamon if you like over the filling. Cover with a semi-damp kitchen towel for easier cutting and to prevent the crust from spilling! If you prefer more soft pies, then spray with water immediately when the pie is done!

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