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Easter Eggs do it Yourself in Many Ways

Updated: Mar 13

  • Now the Easter days are coming, Easter is the happiest Christian holiday, and children and adults will love eggs decorated like this. So to make Easter eggs cute and beautifully decorated this, will make your little ones happy, they can also be of help to you. With a little money and your effort, you will all be satisfied. It only takes 5–10 minutes to decorate Easter eggs like this, and the result is always beautiful. In addition, the procedure is very simple. In this context, take a look at there are several ways to beautify your Easter eggs.

1. Painting Easter eggs with rice and food coloring


  • rice

  • a container with a lid or a pouch with a lid

  • food coloring

  1. You can use rice to pour into a plastic cup with a lid or a bag and close it.

  2. Drizzle the paint into the rice and close the bowl.

  3. Mix well to mix the color and rice completely.

  4. Put the egg in a bowl and close again. Gently shake the bowl until the egg is colored. Gently pull the egg out of the bowl and let it dry, very simple and nice decoration. :)

Source: sunny skyz

2. Easter eggs in the shape of chickens


  • Boiled eggs

  • Markers (non-toxic)

  • Yellow color for eggs

  • Yellow paper for the beak

  • Scissors

  • Adhesive tape or paper glue

  1. Paint the boiled eggs yellow with egg paint and leave them soaked in the color for as long as you want the bright color of the chicken.

  2. When the paint has dried, put the first egg in the egg holder (or in the cup) to paint the lower part with a colored marker. For “female” chickens you can use red, pink, purple, for “male” you can use blue, green …

  3. For the chicken's beak, cut a square piece of paper (1×1 cm) with scissors. Fold it in half into a triangle and stick it to the egg, where the beak should be.

  4. After that, draw the eyes, hair, bows of “female” chickens, butterfly bows of “male” chickens with a black marker. Draw a button and lace and the chickens are ready to watch.

3. Painting Easter eggs with food coloring


  • Vinegar

  • Water

  • Food coloring

  • The excess paint collection container

  • Plastic spoon

  • Nylon gloves (optional)

  1. To begin with, you will first prepare the eggs. Mix 50% water and 50% vinegar in a bowl and wipe the eggs with the mixture. Then dry them.

  2. Then take one container to collect the excess paint and put jars or bottles of paint in it.

  3. Holding the egg with your thumb and forefinger, simply drip a darker shade of the desired color on top of the egg. Then turn the egg so that the paint makes a full circle around the egg.

  4. Allow the egg to dry completely, and then apply another color in the same way. To speed up the work, you can blow-dry the egg. The bottle cap can serve as a stand on which you will place the egg while it dries.

4. Decorate Easter eggs with a napkin — decoupage technique


  • Hard-boiled eggs

  • Paper napkins with nice patterns

  • Decoupage glue

  • Brush

  1. Start by chopping pieces with patterns on the napkin, with which you want to decorate the eggs. Cut as close to the pattern as possible, if you leave too much white space, it will later bounce off the color when you apply the glue.

  2. (Don’t worry if the napkin isn’t flat, and has a texture, you’ll flatten it out later.)

  3. Apply a very thin layer of glue to the egg.

  4. Then place a piece of napkin with a pattern on a layer smeared with glue and carefully flatten it over the egg.

  5. If necessary, apply a little more glue over the edges of the napkin, just be careful not to apply too much so that the napkin does not get too wet and tear while straightening it.

  6. When you have straightened all the edges and glued them firmly to the egg, leave it aside for a few minutes to dry. And that is that! Now you have Easter eggs with patterns that look like you painted them directly on the eggs!

5. Painting Easter eggs with tempera and shaving foam


  • Boiled eggs

  • Shaving foam

  • Tempera in rainbow colors

  • Shallower vessel

  • A wooden stick

  • Paper towel


Squeeze the shaving foam into a shallower dish so that you get an even layer. Add colors in strips so that they are lined up side by side colorful.

Stir the colors a little with a wooden stick.

Arrange the eggs over the paint and foam. Let the eggs stand for 10 minutes, then carefully turn them with a spoon so that the other side is also submerged in paint. Leave them like this for 10–15 minutes.

Take out the eggs and place them on baking paper. Dry them carefully with a paper towel so as not to erase the paint. Then carefully remove the excess foam.

Allow the eggs to dry completely, then leave them in a bowl and enjoy the colorful marble patterns.

6. Styrofoam eggs in the shape of a rabbit


  • Styrofoam eggs

  • Felt (or cardboard)

  • Pink and black tempera or acrylic paint

  • Glue

  • A round piece of cotton wool for the tail

  1. Use scissors to cut the rabbit ears from the material of your choice (felt or cardboard). Length about 4 cm.

  2. Paint the inside of the ear pink.

  3. Cut oval shapes for the feet. And paint them pink.

  4. Use a thin brush to draw the bunny's nose, mouth, and eyes.

  5. Glue the tail, then the legs of the rabbit. When the glue dries, the rabbit will be able to sit on its own.

  6. Finally, glue the ears. If necessary, bend them slightly so that they stand upright. One ear can be bent forward, approximately 1/3 of the length.

7. Paint Easter eggs with nail polish


  • Nail polish in various colors

  • Boiled eggs

  • Toothpick

  • Plastic container

  1. Add a little water to the plastic container and pour the varnish from the bottles

  2. Mix the colors using a toothpick. Try different color combinations.

  3. Carefully dip the egg in the colored liquid and remove it immediately. Be careful because you will get your fingers dirty as well.

  4. Put the egg to dry in a cardboard or egg tray.

Make a candle from an eggshell
  • These decorative eggshell candles will brighten up your Easter table, and your table will look phenomenal on Easter days just need a little time and patience to get beautiful egg candles

  • You can make several variants. For example, you can leave the shells unpainted, or paint only the interior, paint the melted wax with various colors, use brown eggs instead of white for a more natural look, let your imagination run wild.


  • Eggs

  • Pin or needle

  • Egg paint

  • Wax

  • Fuse

Easter Eggs do it Yourself in Many Ways
  1. Drill eggs with pliers or needles, widen the hole (about 1/3 of the egg) and deliver the contents to a bowl.

  2. Carefully paint the shells with egg colors (of your choice) and let them dry.

  3. The shells look wonderful because the interior is also painted.

  4. Melt the wax in a steamer (in a double bowl). Before it completely melts, grab a little hot wax with a spoon and pour it on the bottom of each shell.

  5. Place the shells in the egg carton to keep them stable.

  6. Place a piece of wick on the bottom of each shell.

  7. Carefully pour hot wax into each shell, up to half.

  8. When the wax has cooled, take the eggs out of the cardboard and place them in decorative holders or a suitable container.

  9. Easter decoration is complemented by these interesting candles made of natural material.

candle Easter-eggs
Easter Eggs do it Yourself in Many Ways

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