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Updated: Feb 29

  • Maltex is a natural sweetener made from sprouted barley. It is an excellent source of iron, vitamin B complex and many minerals. It belongs to the fast-absorbing sugars, so the maltose, glucose, and fructose it contains are a much better choice than white sugar. It is allowed in the diet of diabetics, especially in the preparation of cakes and pastries.

Maltex or barley malt extract preserved all quality barley ingredients during production. It is made exclusively from cereal grains, so it contains only their sugar or maltose. It has a specific taste and smell, honey consistency and is dark. It has a very sweet taste, so it is mixed with other foods to give them a special aroma.

It is suitable for diabetics and people who maintain blood sugar levels. It is also recommended in the diet of children, athletes and pregnant women. Although it is a natural product from cereals, it affects the body and is not recommended in large quantities. The caloric value of maltex in 100g is 585 kcal, unlike honey, whose value is still lower, and amounts to 319 kcal.

Maltex is one of the foods that increases the basicity of the organism. Body acidity is a condition that causes numerous diseases. It is known that human health also depends on the levels of acidity, i.e., the basicity of the body. If the body is too acidic, there is no balance, and it needs to return to balance. In order to determine the condition of the organism, the pH factor of urine, saliva, and blood is checked. In addition to the mentioned maltex, the foods of exclusively basic influence are also almonds, millet, dates, raisins, figs. It is recommended that up to 80% be present in the daily diet.

Tip: As this sweetener comes from barley, people who are sensitive to gluten and with a diagnosis of celiac disease should avoid it.

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