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Young Green Walnuts and Honey as a Medicine – Recipe and use for Thyroid and Immunity

Updated: Mar 9

  • Honey in combination with young green walnuts is a well-known remedy for the thyroid gland, as well as for almost all diseases of the throat and respiratory tract. It is also great for bronchitis, it is considered the best natural remedy for this type of cold as well as for lowering high cholesterol. There are various variants of medicinal recipes with honey and walnuts, so this fruit is good in combination with both brandy and olive oil. Read in the following lines how to make a medicinal mixture that is great for the general health of the organism.

Young walnuts in honey as a medicine

  • The combination of honey and green walnuts is one of the best natural preparations that is most appreciated. We can say that this preparation is a universal medicine when honey is a natural preservative. This medicine is full of vitamin C, which is why it is often given to sick and malnourished children, as well as to those who suffer from anemia. Honey and green walnuts are full of iodine and work very well for liver and stomach diseases, they are great for menopause, obesity and many chronic diseases. The preparation of this medicine is very easy, before you start making it, put on gloves because green walnuts want to color both hands and that color is very difficult to remove. First, wash the walnuts and dry them well in a cloth, you will need about 40 young green walnuts. Arrange the walnuts in a jar and pour a kilo of honey over them. Close the jar and leave it for a month. The healing properties of this mixture are in green walnut juice. During the period of a month, the walnuts will release juice and so the honey becomes darker and thinner. This medicine is taken once a day per teaspoon, it would be good to take it in the morning on an empty stomach.

Green walnuts and honey for the thyroid

  • We have already mentioned that the combination of honey and walnuts is great for the thyroid gland, which is perhaps the most important endocrine gland in our body. Iodine, which is abundant in honey and nuts, is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. That is why this preparation is great for its proper functioning. Iodine deficiency can otherwise cause serious problems in the whole organism and not only with the thyroid gland, which is why you should even take honey and nuts preventively.

Honey and green nuts for immunity

  • The combination of honey and green walnuts will greatly improve the blood picture and immunity, that is why this combination is recommended to be given to anemic children, but it can also be consumed by adults. This combination, in addition to improving the blood picture, also cleanses the blood and strengthens the weakened organism. For anemia, it is necessary to take one tablespoon a day, preferably in the morning before breakfast. Those who have tried this recipe claim that their blood count has improved a lot within a month and that they have not been ill for a long time. Green walnuts are great to give to children, especially weak and sick children. There is not enough data for pregnant women, as well as for breastfeeding women, which is why it is not recommended to take them before consulting a doctor.

Green walnuts in brandy

  • Walnuts are generally a very grateful and precious fruit because in combination with honey and brandy they have a positive effect on our health and are generally a cure for everything. Brandy, which is popular as a nutmeg, is an excellent remedy for all diseases, and it most successfully treats thyroid problems. Usually in folk medicine, green walnuts are used for this recipe because they are rich in iodine. Take about 40 pieces of green walnuts and cut each with a knife. Here, as in the previous recipe, you need to wear gloves. Put the walnuts in a glass bowl and then pour a liter of brandy over them, it would be best to have homemade. After that, add as much sugar as you think you need, arbitrarily. When you have done all that, close the container and leave it to stand in the sun for six weeks. After this period, strain the liqueur and your walnut liqueur is ready for consumption. It is advisable to drink it as a medicine in the morning on an empty stomach.

Green walnuts in olive oil

  • In combination with olive oil, you can get absolutely natural suntan oil from green walnuts, from which you will get a beautiful tan. Forget about buying preparations that are full of chemicals and prepare the oil now. You will need olive oil, a few green walnuts, more fresh carrots, lavender flowers and sage. Grate the carrots, cut the walnuts, take the sage and lavender and put it all in a jar and pour the olive oil to the top. Close the container and leave it to stand for three weeks in a place where there is plenty of sun. You need to shake the contents every day, and when three weeks have passed, strain the contents through gauze and fill your bottle in which you will keep sunscreen.

  • This oil is very valuable, because olive oil has a protection factor of 2, and they are greatly increased by carrots and walnuts. At the same time, carrots protect your skin from aging and sage affects cellulite. The role of lavender is to protect you from burns and to make the oil smell pleasant.

  • Green walnuts are best harvested in early June, because then you can best use all their medicinal properties. To know that it is time to pick them, cut the fruit, if it is white, it means that it is healthy and ready to be picked.

  • The origin of the walnut is not known exactly, first it began to be used in the Mediterranean and then in the Far East, in ancient Rome it was celebrated as the sacred tree of Jupiter. Apart from medicinal purposes, green walnut was also used for dyeing cotton and wool. It is often used as a dressing against wound infection and eczema, and is also the main ingredient in many baths and various other cosmetics. As an oil used for hair care, its core contains about 65% oil. The leaf of this walnut is frequently used for teas, but it is much better to use the leaves while they are fresh, because it is so much more useful for health.

  • This nut is also useful against sweating feet. Take two liters of water and soak five tablespoons of walnut leaves and young oak bark. When the water boils, remove it from the heat and let it cool. Soak your feet in the chilled drink and do not wipe them, but let them dry naturally.

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