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6 Weight Loss Drinks

Updated: Mar 27

#1 Ginger and lemon weight loss drink

  • Lemon is known as a food that releases toxins from the body, affects the normal work of the intestines, eliminates excess mucus from the body and speeds up metabolism, so it is not surprising that it is one of the main ingredients in most diets. Combined with ginger, which is also rich in minerals and vitamins, excess weight disappears in record time.

  • Grate about 5 cm of ginger root, put it in a liter of hot water and cook on low heat. Add the juice of one lemon to the liquid. Let the drink stand, and if you wish, add a spoonful of honey, which will show its healing properties only if the liquid is sufficiently cooled.

  • This one-liter weight loss drink is best prepared early in the morning, so distribute it and consume it at certain time intervals until you go to bed. It is important that it stays for a while before you start drinking it, so it is perfectly fine to prepare it in the evening before going to bed, for the next day. It is considered to be the best natural drink for weight loss, which means that you do not have to worry about the strict amount and time when you will consume it.

Ginger and honey in calories

  • Calories are not something you should worry about when consuming these foods. 100 g of raw ginger contains 80 k Cal, while one teaspoon of honey has only 40 k Cal. The positive properties of this combination are far more powerful than the calories they contain, which, at least in a minimal amount, you must definitely take into the body.

  • You should also follow the rules that say that ginger is enough to use in very small quantities, so you can use it as a food supplement or in the form of a drink whose preparation we have explained. It is not advisable to consume it in any form during heavy and strict diets. This ginger and lemon weight loss drink will give the fastest effects with moderate physical activity and a relatively healthy diet that does not have to involve too many sacrifices.

6 Weight Loss Drinks

# 2 Green tea - a safe recipe for fast weight loss

  • Green tea is a much-lauded beverage for losing weight for a reason. It is an excellent supplement with weight loss preparations, and its effects can be seen on the body and in the body in the minimum period, if consumed in the right way.


  • After you buy green tea in a health food store, boil it in water that should be heated to a maximum of 70 ° C. Water should never boil, so take care of this important item when preparing. When the tea is brewed, stir it to release as much catechin as possible, which is the most important ingredient for weight loss in green tea. It is best to consume it after standing for 3-5 minutes.

  • The use of green tea has a positive effect only if it is drunk in moderation and in specific parts of the day. It can be a great alternative to morning coffee, because it boosts psychophysical energy and contains caffeine. For the same reasons, it is recommended to consume up to two cups a day. Too much green tea can cause a counter-effect when it comes to health, and if you drink it in the evening, be prepared for insomnia and morning fatigue.

Why is green tea perhaps the best detox drink for weight loss?

  • You’ve probably wondered what makes green tea so special compared to the others we consume on a daily basis. The difference is very significant, and it is mostly reflected in catechins, natural ingredients of green tea that affect fat burning.

  • Also, a large amount of the substance EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) directly affects the acceleration of metabolism, and all this together makes the consumption of green tea melt calories both when we are awake and when we sleep. Certainly, this process is much faster and more visible when we are physically active, so the optimal results are most quickly seen if you consume light workouts and a predominantly healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables while consuming tea.

6 Weight Loss Drinks

# 3 Beetroot juice - a healthy drink for weight loss in the most beautiful color

  • We may not have loved it as children, but today we do not omit beets when making salads, soups and fresh juices. Beets contain very few calories, and at the same time purify blood vessels, improve the blood picture and are rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium. If you were wondering where her bright red color came from, the answer lies in the powerful pigment betacyanin.

  • The fact that a healthy beet juice does not require anything other than just one beet, speaks volumes about how healthy and effective this food is in itself. However, you will not diminish its effect if you add a carrot or apple that can alleviate, not everyone's favorite, the specific taste of beets.

  • Peel the ingredients and chop them into smaller pieces, then put them in a blender. Depending on whether you want a porridge or real juice, you can add a certain amount of water that will dilute the ingredients. The blender should grind the ingredients long enough for everyone to combine into a liquid, and after just a few moments as needed, your healthy weight loss drink is ready to use.

How does beetroot promote weight loss?

  • There is no doubt that beets improve the blood picture of those who consume it regularly, but you are probably wondering how this property is related to the melting of fat deposits. The juice from the listed ingredients is a real vitamin bomb with very few calories.

  • In addition to being healthy, this drink can satiate you, so the need for other, high-calorie products will be significantly reduced. All you need is a blender and a couple of healthy foods, and the phenomenal properties of this syrup in combination with beautiful colors do not leave room for doubts when it comes to beets.

6 Weight Loss Drinks

# 4 Green slimming drink made from parsley and lemon

  • Here is one weight loss drink that can be a real refreshment during training and strenuous physical activities! It is a drink that is a combination of primrose and lemon, and very effectively dissolves deposits from problematic body regions, especially from the stomach. With adequate nutrition and moderate physical activity, with the consumption of this drink, it is possible to lose a few kilograms in just a few days.

Preparation and use:
  • To make primrose and lemon juice, you only need a good blender with the mentioned ingredients. Prepare two bunches of fresh parsley and chop it in a blender, and squeeze two lemons into another bowl. After the blender is finely chopped, mix the ingredients and pour half of a cup of water over the resulting juice.

  • Those who have tried this unusual drink claim that the best results are achieved if you drink one glass in the morning, on an empty stomach. It is recommended to consume it every morning for five days and then take a break for a few days. Parsley and lemon juice will very quickly remove the excess from your stomach if you are ready to give up unhealthy foods and other habits that are bad for your body and organism.

How exactly does the Parsley leaves aid help us?

  • Parsley is known for its healing and nutritious ingredients, and it contributes the most to expelling toxins from the body, reducing bloating and relieving various ailments. It stimulates the expulsion of fluids from the body, so you can use it in various combinations.

  • For example, you can make tea from this plant by adding five tablespoons of chopped parsley to boiling water. After half an hour, strain the liquid, or drink tea together with primrose. Results in terms of healthy weight loss are inevitable.

6 Weight Loss Drinks

# 5 Chia slimming drink

  • Even if you doubt the effect of Chia seeds, you can't avoid them because they are widespread and you can find them in yogurt, pastries, sweets, and you can make your own Chia drink if you want to lose weight fast. The first and most important property of chia seeds is that they create a feeling of satiety, so it is best to consume a weight loss drink with these seeds in the morning.

Preparation and use:

  • Chia seeds are best consumed in beverages, since they do not absorb all their nutrients in their raw form. It is recommended to prepare chia drink in the evening, so that you can consume it during the next day or just for breakfast. It is enough to soak them in water and leave them to stand, and in the morning you will have a drink with seeds that are gelatinous and thick. It only takes 15 minutes to become such, so if you forget to prepare them in the evening, you can do it in the morning just before breakfast.

  • You can also combine them with yogurt, salads and tea. Chia seeds do not have a strong taste and negative effects, so you can include them in your daily menu. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber, magnesium, zinc and iron.

What actually happens to chia seeds when soaked?

  • As we have already mentioned, the optimal use of chia seeds implies their immersion in water. After being submerged, they become thick and gelatinous, and this happens because each seed forms a mucous membrane for itself, thanks to which they pass through the digestive system more easily.

  • The mild and pleasant taste makes them suitable for combining with various dishes, so you can also add them to cakes or salads, although they have the best effect on weight loss if you add them to a weight loss drink. They are also an excellent solution for bloating, which stops appearing after a few days of consuming chia drink.

6 Weight Loss Drinks

# 6 Plum drink for weight loss

  • The advantage of prune drink is that it has a pleasant and sweet taste, and at the same time it acts on problem areas on the body, primarily melting deposits on the stomach. In addition to promoting weight loss, plums are generally rich in ingredients that have a positive effect on your health.

  • First of all, they are rich in vitamin C, B2, B6, magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium. Since prunes are preferred by more people, you can use them in the preparation of a weight loss drink.

Preparation of plum juice:
  • In addition to 6 prunes, you also need two tablespoons of oatmeal, one tablespoon of flax seeds, one teaspoon of cocoa and 300 ml of kefir or yogurt. Put the ingredients in your blender and add as much water as you want to break up the density of the drink. After blending, you can drink your healthy drink, and if you engage in physical activity and pay attention to your diet, the results will not be missed this time either.

Why is dried fruit good for weight loss?

  • The secret to losing weight fast seems to be sweet. Dried fruit contains a certain amount of sugar, which is why many are skeptical when it comes to its use, however, it should be borne in mind that this amount is significantly less than the amount of sweets and various unhealthy foods that we eat every day. Therefore, dried fruit is a great alternative to chocolates and cookies when you are on a diet, because in addition to sweetening you, it will create a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

  • Fast weight loss is also possible if you plan well the period in which you want to achieve results. It is important that you approach this challenge rationally, with objective expectations and appropriate accompanying activities. Each of these weight loss drinks is extremely effective, but you will not feel their effect if you eat unhealthily and spend hours sitting in an armchair in front of the TV.

  • To lose calories, however, exercise is necessary, and if you are not a fan of frequent workouts, you can always rely on a reliable weight loss product. The natural ingredients on which they are based are a great alternative to morning jogging that you occasionally miss due to bad weather. You certainly shouldn't completely eliminate this healthy morning habit from your lifestyle, but it's good to know that in this fight you also have strong allies in the form of DietX preparations for fast, efficient and healthy weight loss.

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