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Father Thaddeus Cured Rheumatism for both Vein and Gastritis

Updated: Mar 11

  • Treatment of diseases with folk remedies has long been popular in Serbia; some even trusted folk medicine more than official medicine. Father Tadej, one of the most famous Orthodox clergymen, was not from that group of people – he suffered from rheumatism which caused him unbearable pain in the joints, as well as from clogged veins. He went to the doctor, but there was no medicine for his condition that would completely cure him. Then he turned to folk medicine, that is, the recipe he found in a book about medicinal herbs.

Here's how it all went:

  • “There was a doctor in Belgrade, a nurse Borka, according to her instructions, I went to the spa for years, because of rheumatism and gastritis. The spa does not help, it only alleviates a little. Medicines as well.

  • Sometimes I went twice a year. So I say I won't go anymore, so whatever happens, let it be. But an old disease, my right arm was stiff twice. And the doctor says: practice, man, you're going to lose your other arm. I was in constant pain. Whenever I raise my hand, it hurts; I can't even cross myself. And I had a book on herbs, so look, maybe there's something.

  • The book describes a doctor in Paris, who treated one woman, all rheumatic and immobile. He gave her black currant leaf tea to drink, and he was completely cured. I tell my brother, go to the nursery, you will find it somewhere, so buy as many seedlings as you can buy. And he found 20 seedlings and brought them. And as soon as he flipped through it, I immediately started drinking tea. Put 10–20 leaves in half a liter, in boiling water, and after one key or two, I get out. It should be drunk without sugar. Simply hot water. I take a teaspoon of honey on my tongue until I drink half a liter of tea. And so in the morning, in the evening, and I see that I am fine. Lighter and easier and no pain, I have nothing. And here, disappeared rheumatism and gastritis, and varicose veins. Food makes its own. We all like to eat to satiety. We take in a lot of calories, and then the body receives as much as it needs, what it can, what it can't stay and settles in the muscles. Then there is gastritis and varicose veins. And then they suffer like me, because they like to eat to satiety. You don't eat moderately, man, you always overeat. And no medicine acts on these diseases like blackcurrant tea. Vitamin C is very refreshing and gives potential to the heart, but it is not for rheumatism. It is dissolved only by blackcurrant leaf tea.“

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