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Treatment of Psoriasis

Aloa Vera

Aloe Vera helps treat psoriasis.

  • All you have to do is tear off a leaf, cut it with a knife and pick up the juice (gel).

Wild Strawberries
  • -4 grams wild strawberry (leaf, tree root)

  • -1 liter of water

  • Dry the leaf and stem with veins. Finely chop, place on the bottom of the pan and pour water over it to boil until it boils. Cover and leave to cool. You drink tea for three months instead of water. Whenever you are thirsty.

  • To clean the skin accumulations — you put the white part of the lemon peel on the rough part of the skin of the joint or similar — you wrap it at least for 10 hours. It successfully removes it.

  • By introducing a healthy diet, preferably organic foods, mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals such as couscous, buckwheat, wheat germ and the like. Affects the disappearance of psoriasis a lot.

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