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How to Protect the Neck from Pine

Updated: Mar 11

How to prevent a sensual neck from turning into a “turkey neck”?

  • While we regularly dedicate countless steps to elaborate skincare routines to the facial skin, the delicate zone just a few inches lower unfairly remains neglected. And we should pay extra attention to the skin of the neck, because that is where aging is seen, rather than on the face. Due to the lack of sebum, the neck area is usually drier, and due to the thinner skin, it is much more susceptible to the negative influences of the environment, and wrinkles and sagging skin are noticed earlier.

  • Weakening of the neck muscles and connective tissue leads to the so-called turkey neck. Wrinkled chin skin, and today's lifestyle, when we stare at the screens hunched over for hours every day, results in a “tech neck” that further worsens the relaxation of the neck skin.

  • Collagen loss gradually occurs in the second half of the twenties, and this process accelerates at menopause and leads to a loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin. What can we do to keep the skin of the neck youthful for as long as possible, without including "going under the knife”?

  • For a start, dermatologists, beauticians, but also famous stars who take great care of their appearance agree on one thing: facial care does not fit on the chin, but should be extended all the way to the décolleté! The skin of the neck and décolleté is extremely thin, and requires the same love and attention as the skin of the face, if not larger. Therefore, it is necessary to hydrate regularly, use creams for firming the skin, and be sure to apply a protective factor. Training is also very important, and the minimum we have to do is stretch and stretch the neck and shoulders several times a day.

  • The best time for a massage is in the evening: apply 2 teaspoons of facial care oil and massage the décolleté with circular movements of the finger joints, then the shoulders and neck muscles, then the chin and jaw with the fingertips all the way to the cheeks. Note: movements must always go upwards.

  • With the progress of medicine and the emergence of numerous cosmetic. Procedures such as fillers, microneedling, etc. non-invasive like a face-lift, consultation with a dermatologist is always a good starting point for determining optimal procedures for a youthful appearance. Whether they are a wrinkle problem or sagging skin (in case it is too late for prevention).

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