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How to Sterilize Jars and Lids for Winter, Jams, Ajvars, etc.

Updated: Mar 5

  • Winter is the one that lasts — juices, jams, compotes, but also ajvar should be preserved — without mold until everything is eaten. Every real housewife knows that it is important to sterilize jars for the winter, if it is not done properly, the whole process of making jams and ajvar can go to waste. Every real housewife knows that it is significant to sterilize jars for the winter, if it is not done properly, the full process of making jams and ajvar can go to waste.

Our grandmothers used a simple, but also good technique, which is still reliable today.

1st Method Sterilization:
  1. The first step is to wash the jars well with detergent, and then dry them with a clean cotton cloth. Before sterilization, the jars should be thoroughly rinsed and the cracks in the neck, walls, and bottom checked.

  2. Even the slightest damage can lead to the jar bursting and breaking completely after a while.

  3. After that, take a large baking tray, cover its bottom with baking paper and then arrange the glass bowls next to each other, so that their top will be turned down.

  4. Before that, of course, you removed the lids, which are redundant in this “operation”. Preheat the oven to 100 degrees and put the baking tray in it.

  5. They need to stand for 15 to 20 minutes, after which they are ready for winter, and you have no reason to doubt, because sterilization has been successfully performed.

2nd way of Sterilization is:
  1. Rinse the jar with a mixture of water and alcohol. In a jar half full of water, add two tablespoons of alcohol, close them and shake well. Alcohol will clean and sterilize the inside of the jar, while you can wipe the outside with a clean cloth soaked in alcohol.

  2. If you fill jars with ajvar or jam (while the contents are still hot), it is necessary for the dishes to be preheated in order to prevent them from bursting. Pour the contents to half the jar, wait a few minutes for the glass to get used to the temperature, then fill them to the end.

  3. Bottles and jars should never be completely filled, because that accelerates the spoilage of the winter.

3rd way of Sterilization

Today, in modern times, women use a microwave oven to sterilize jars.

  1. About 50 ml of water is poured into a jar. It should be at the level of,

  2. 1-2 cm. The microwave oven should be turned on at maximum power and set the time to 2–3 minutes. The water will become hot, and the formed steam will sterilize the vessel.

  3. The best way to sterilize metal jar lids is to let them cook in boiling water.

  4. In order not to spoil the winter, it is necessary, in the end, to close all the jars well by hand or with one of the seals.

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