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Marigold is Cure for Our Skin

Updated: Feb 14

  • Marigold is one of the most useful herbs for skin care and treatment. It contains flavonoids with the help of which it has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it is used against burns and wounds, all types of eczema, psoriasis. It softens the skin, regenerates and hydrates it, and is an important ingredient in many cosmetic treatments.

The marigold plant is best known for its yellowish-orange flower.

  • It is harvested during sunny days when the flower is open and dries in the draft. It smells nice. In folk medicine, it is considered a flower from which the best oils and balms for care are made. It is especially recommended for the care of dry and dandruff skin.

Use of marigold for the skin:

  • It restores the surface layer of the epidermal skin, and thus accelerates the healing of skin changes, even open wounds that do not heal.

  • Antibiotic – marigold flower is used for tinctures, oils, ointments, and for tea. It is good for healing wounds, skin rashes, ulcers, and burns of all kinds. It also helps with allergic reactions.

  • Restores the surface layer of the skin (epidermis)

  • facilitates wound healing

  • eliminates warts

  • softens thickening of the skin and blisters

  • helps with acne and blackheads

  • it is a simple and effective therapy for dry skin

  • slows down the aging process

  • Suppress blemishes, age spots, scars

Marigold cream


  • 1/4cups of dried marigold flower petals

  • 1/2cups of extra virgin olive oil

  • 20 g of beeswax


  • Heat the olive oil and marigold petals for about 10 minutes at a moderate temperature, then leave covered for a few hours. Then strain through gauze. Pour the obtained oil into a new cooking vessel and add grated beeswax, stirring constantly, until it melts. Transfer the mixture to a jar and allow cooling. The resulting calendula cream has a long shelf life only if kept closed and in a cool place.


  • Marigold cream has proven to be extremely effective against insect bites. Marigold emits a scent that repels mosquitoes, as well as other flying insects, and marigold cream helps soothe the skin at the site of the sting and heal as quickly as possible.

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