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Tourism and Food

Updated: Mar 5

  • Food Tourism plays a vital role in the tourism industry as it is one of the major factors for selecting a tourist destination. As the climatic conditions, history, and culture determines and shapes the food of the area. Today's tourist is better informed, more cultured, well-traveled, and looking for new experiences. Food offers a gateway into other cultures, through taste, through food preparation, and the whole eating environment. Food and drink provide lasting memories that define a holiday or travel experience. Eating out is most common for any tourist and more importantly, they would want to explore the local and traditional cuisine. Food is a necessary part of every trip, we often hear about gastronomy and tourism which is very common nowadays, but this page category is currently under development due to the situation around the world (Corona Pandemic).

  • I believe that this will pass quickly and in a way bring us all back and connect us to a normal life. So I will take you through pictures and travels and the best restaurants of those places.

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  • I would be happy if you would comment on my recipes and put like.


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