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Updated: Mar 11

Food consists of many nutrients, which are necessary for the growth and life of all of us while maintaining health and providing energy for our movement, which are various vitamins and minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.

  • Proper nutrition is important and directly affects our ability to work and our lifespan.

  • Today's diet is characterized by irregular and insufficient meals. Too much fat, meat, bread, and little dairy products, fruits, and vegetables are ingested. With an improper diet, we bring ourselves into various risk factors for various diseases, and our body suffers, to avoid these problems we must focus on proper nutrition.

  • Most young people should pay attention to proper nutrition while their body is still developing. Nowadays, the choice of the food itself is significant, we are faced with discarded goods, and that is GMO.

  • For us today, it is very essential what we buy and take into our body.

  • I will try to present some information about GMOs in the health and sports category.

  • New and delicious specialties from various countries await you in the recipes' category. Mostly from Italy, France, and Serbia, and these cuisines are for me special, also mine recipes, so I will keep you informed about some of their newer specialties. Lena

  • Use the contact form for questions or advice.

  • I would be happy if you would comment on my recipes and put like.

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