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Apple and Cinnamon Snails

Updated: Feb 29

  • Fragrant and delicious apple and cinnamon rolls, fantastic dessert, quick preparation takes you a total of only 30 minutes, because it is purchased puff pastry. A quick treat that will delight everyone. To make this delicious dessert, follow the recipe instructions. Follow recipe.

Ingredients: 20 rolls, very easy, total time:30 min
  • 1 rectangular puff pastry roll 40×24

  • 3 apples

  • 20 g brown sugar or crystal sugar

  • lemon / juice

  • 3 tsp ground cinnamon

  • 1 egg

  • 50 ml milk

  • 1 bag vanilla sugar/ 10 g

  • 1 teaspoon of icing sugar

  1. Wash the apples well, and peel the peels, grate the apples on a coarse grater and put them in a deeper bowl, put a sugar, vanilla sugar and cinnamon, sprinkle with lemon juice and stir.

  2. Take the puff pastry wrapped together with paper and roll it out on a worktop.

  3. Spread the mixture with apples on the dough evenly, flatten with a spatula.

  4. When you have done that, roll the dough into a roll.

  5. Then put the rolled roll wrapped in paper together in the fridge for 30 minutes to stand.

  6. After the elapsed time, cut the roll (into a longer part) into fillets 2 cm thick.

  7. Take a baking tray and place the baking paper, and arrange your circles horizontally to see the apple filling.

  8. When you are done, beat 1 egg with a little milk 50 ml, and brush over your circles.

  9. Bake them at 180 °C, for 20 minutes until they get a nice golden brown color.

  10. When they are done, wait for them to cool down a bit, and then sprinkle them with powdered sugar, and place them on some impressive decorative serving tray.

Buon appetito!

NOTE: With these rolls, if you like, you can make a crumbly topping- (Strausel Topping) that goes fantastically, without coating the eggs. In that case, when are they done, and cool with this topping, sprinkle with a little powdered sugar if you like sweeter, but in my opinion there is no need!

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