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Heinz Standard Ketchup Homemade Product without Preservative

Updated: Feb 28

  • Heinz standard Ketchup homemade product without preservative, it will be ready simply and relatively quickly, the most difficult part is cleaning the tomatoes, but for the housewives, that is not a problem. This is a standard Heinz ketchup like from the store. This ketchup has a sweet standard taste and has a special flavor, it is ideal for topping over french fries or an addition to a sauce for topping some steaks. If you need to make spicy ketchup or either pizza ketchup or ragout ketchup, it says in the description how much and what ingredients to add in. To make this fantastic ketchup, follow the instructions.

  • Look here instructions for sterile bottles and jars

  • If you make a larger amount of this ketchup, then use a can of 1 bag of 5 g per 5 kilos of tomatoes!

Ingredients: medium, total time: 3h30 min.
  • 5 kg tomatoes for peeled tomatoes / dried tomatoes

  • 2 tsp of paprika powder (or if you like hot ketchup 2 tsp of chili powder, if you are making pizza ketchup or for rag add 3 tsp oregano and 2 tsp of basil+ 2 tsp paprika powder)

  • 5–6 cloves

  • 3-4 g of cinnamon

  • 200 g of sugar

  • 10 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

  • 3 Tbsp salt

  • 1 Tbsp mustard

  1. Wash and clean the tomato. Cut it into slices and grind in a juicer, (if you do not have a tomato juicer, cut the top with a knife on 4 sides and immerse first in warm water and only then in cold. So you will peel them more easily.

  2. Then grind them in a blender or with a stick mixer, or in a meat grinder or tomato machine.)

  3. It is important to remove the husks and seeds from the tomatoes.

  4. You can use a strainer with very small holes to remove it, if you do not have this accessory.

  5. When you have ground the tomato and cleaned it of seeds and shells, pour it into a larger cooking pot.

  6. Put the pot with the tomatoes on a medium heat to warm up.

  7. When it starts to boil, add 2 teaspoons of sweet allspice, 5–6 cloves, 3 g of cinnamon, 200 g of sugar, 10 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 3 tablespoons of salt and finally add 1 tablespoon of mustard, and mix well to mix everything well. Cook for 2–3 hours until the snow becomes a little thicker. You will know that ketchup is cooked. When you put one little spoon on a little plate and if the mixture slowly drains in one stream, it means that it is ready, if it goes in more jets and spills more, then leave it to cook. When the ketchup is ready, turn off the heat and set the pot aside, and wait for it to cool down a bit. When the ketchup cools down, pour it with the help of a funnel and a ladle, and close them well, wait for them to cool down, and then put them in the pantry in a cool and dark place. Enjoy!

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