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Liver Regeneration

Updated: Mar 11

  • The liver is a special and the only organ in the human body that can regenerate even when it is damaged by more than 50%. It is one of the most important glands in the human body and performs very important functions in our body every day that keep us alive. The liver is considered the central laboratory of the organism, it is responsible for the processing of food, the elimination of toxins and other harmful substances that we take in through diet, and this ability is key to our health. Where is the liver? The largest organ in the abdominal cavity, the liver, is located on the right side of the abdomen just below the diaphragm. It is soft and reddish brown. It has a wedge shape, and the normal size of the liver is 15 to 18 cm. The liver usually weighs 1200 -1600 grams and is a treasure trove of minerals, vitamins, useful sugars and fats that the human body needs to function normally.

The role of the liver

  • The liver is the only human organ that can be completely regenerated, and therefore we must preserve it. We have already mentioned that the liver performs several important functions, the role of the liver in the human body is primarily metabolic in nature. But its other functions must not be neglected, which is why it is very influential to take care of its health. Of all the tasks it performs, among other things, it has the role of purifying the blood of toxins and poisons. So all the substances that are taken into the body pass through this organ where they are classified into toxins and other molecules. The liver successfully converts these toxins into molecules that are later eliminated from the body by the kidneys or intestines. However, in certain situations, the liver itself becomes overloaded with toxins, and then it needs help, the general recommendation is to restore the liver naturally.

Liver regeneration naturally

  • Nowadays, we are exposed to various chemicals from food, water, air and various medicines that many of us take in every day. All these chemicals pass through the liver every day and leave consequences that are not small. Smoking, excessive use of alcohol, improper diet, excessive use of industrial foods additionally burden this important organ. That is why we require liver regeneration. However, what restores the liver? A healthy, balanced diet and certain herbs not only protect but also restore the liver.

  • When it comes to nutrition, it is recommended to consume whey, young cheeses, yogurt, beets, cranberries, blueberries, artichokes. Use dandelion to restore the liver, this type of plant is incredibly useful when it comes to liver health and is a natural remedy for the liver. Dandelion root improves digestion and cleanses the liver of toxins.

  • You will prepare dandelion root tea by pouring one small spoon of chopped root with 200 ml of boiling water, and then cover, leave for 20 minutes and strain. It is necessary to drink 3 cups of tea a day, one cup half an hour before each meal. Velcro is also very important for liver regeneration. Its healing properties, especially when it comes to liver disease, have been known since ancient times. The main active ingredient of burdock is Silymarin, which regenerates liver cells and protects them from damage. Another natural remedy for liver is licorice. It is a plant that the Chinese have long used to treat the liver. Licorice neutralizes toxins in the liver and increases the production of interferon, which is usually used to treat hepatitis B.

Symptoms of liver disease

Liver disease can be genetically determined, so some people are born with a problematic liver, while some damage it with various factors that are harmful to the liver itself, such as viruses and alcohol use. Over time, liver damage can result in the formation of scars – cirrhosis of the liver, which can lead to a life-threatening condition and failure of this organ. Therefore, early signs of liver problems should not be ignored.

Symptoms of liver disease may include:

  • Yellowish changes on the skin – the skin and eyes (whites) are yellowish

  • Stomach pain and swelling

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Itching and skin hypersensitivity

  • Changes in urine and stool – dark color of urine and pale stools or bloody or tar stool color

  • Swelling in the legs and joints

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Loss of appetite

  • Diseases that affect this organ can also cause liver pain. Symptoms of liver disease are often mixed with other concerns in the abdomen, so it is very important to recognize the pain in the liver and related symptoms in order to detect and treat this organ in time.

  • For example, in the very beginning, the symptoms of liver inflammation, such as fever, lack of appetite, nausea, reddish-yellow skin, brown urine, whitish stools are identical to the symptoms of the flu.

Liver cleansing naturally

  • Cleansing the liver naturally, through a properly balanced diet, is the best way to recover this organ. Everything we take in from food passes through the liver, and with a proper diet, it should be made easier and more efficient.

  • For that reason, it is significant to include in the daily diet foods such as apples, cereals, asparagus, avocados, beets and carrots, prosciutto, cabbage, citrus fruits, garlic, grapefruit, leafy green vegetables, cabbage vegetables, olive oil, nuts.

Cleansing the liver of fat

  • Fatty liver is a very common problem nowadays and refers to the storage of too much fat in the liver cells. This disorder is the result of the action of various factors such as unhealthy and improper diet, obesity, alcoholism, and others. Cleansing the liver of fat is very important in order to repair the liver and restore its ability to function. This can be achieved with ginger tea, green tea and dandelion tea or tincture. Also, raw fruits and vegetables, especially grapefruit and lemon, are used to cleanse the liver of fat. Let's not forget garlic, licorice root, flax seeds, celery or beet juice, whey, burdock milk.

Liver cleansing from alcohol

  • Excessive alcohol consumption is particularly damaging to the liver. By stopping taking it, we can return it to a normal state, otherwise alcoholic hepatitis occurs. In that case, if you do not stop consuming alcohol, cirrhosis of the liver can occur, i.e., the formation of scars on the liver that prevent the normal flow of blood through it and thus complicate its functioning. The first and at the same time the most important step in the treatment is the elimination of alcoholic beverages.

  • A properly balanced diet is very significant. Frying, frying and adding to cooked food should be avoided. Food is exclusively cooked, stewed, boiled or baked in foil and what is significant is not salted. Avoid both canned and processed foods. Fruits, vegetables, cereals are recommended. Young cow's cheese, kefir, lean meat, whey, sour milk, skimmed milk yogurt, eggs, and fish will provide the necessary source of protein, and olive oil is the recommended fat. Increasingly, the question can be heard, how long does it take for the liver to cleanse itself of alcohol? Namely, as soon as he stops drinking alcohol, after a couple of weeks, the liver will start rejecting excess fat, and if it is not too damaged, it can be repaired in four to eight weeks.

Liver cleansing tea

  • Liver cleansing teas can help a lot and speed up the cleansing process itself. Green tea contains chlorophyll, polyphenols, caffeine, and antioxidant kathine that improve liver health, improve digestion, lower blood pressure, prevent cancer and prolong life. Detoxification of the liver is also possible with jasmine tea, it cleanses the liver and protects it from various diseases and cleanses it from various toxins. Attic tea can also have a very good effect on the liver, just like dandelion tea, mint tea, and ginger tea.

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