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Pizza Capricciosa Lena

Updated: Mar 5

  • To make real Italian pizza at home? Well, everything is very easy in an hour, you just need to follow the instructions from the recipe, and you will get the best and most beautiful pizza. Pizza is an Italian traditional dish that originated in Naples from a couple of toppings, it is eaten by the poor and to this day is the most recognizable and most beautiful meal in the world. Try it, you will be very satisfied. Follow recipe.

Ingredients: simple, total time: 60 min.

• 400 g of flour

• 200 ml of water

• 1/2 stick of brewer's yeast

• 2 Tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

• 1 pinch of salt

• 1 pinch of sugar

• 350 g of tomato purée

• 3 mozzarella/ diced

• 70 g of black olives

• 15 g of artichokes in oil/ optional

• 15 g of mushrooms in oil

• 250 g of cooked ham/ thin sliced

• salt to taste

• pepper as needed

• extra virgin olive oil to taste

  • oregano for sprinkle

  1. Dissolve the yeast in warm water and place the flour on the work surface. Add salt, oil, and water with yeast, then gradually the rest of the water, add sugar and knead everything until you get a soft dough.

  2. Leave the ball of dough to rise for at least an hour and a half, then spread the dough and form 4 balls. Roll out the dough with your hands so that it is quite thin in the middle and a little thicker at the ends. If you have special plates for baking pizza, it will be easier for you to do this job.

  3. Now go for the pizza filling, add the tomatoes, artichokes in pieces and small pieces, mushrooms, black olives and diced mozzarella. Finish with salt, pepper, and extra virgin olive oil, and finally put the chopped slices of ham.

  4. Bake in a preheated oven for about 30 minutes at a temperature of 220 °C, and serve the pizza hot.

Buon appettito!

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