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Sesame and Honey as a Remedy for Anemia, Potency and…

Updated: Mar 9

Sesame and honey as medicine

  • Honey is a natural creation, which has been represented in the history of mankind for thousands of years, as a natural elixir, as food, and as the nectar of the gods. It found its place in almost all ancient civilizations, in historical books and authentic records from that time, in magical and religious rites, as well as in medicine, which unreservedly relied on its healing properties.

  • The situation is similar with sesame. Although it is hard to believe that a certain food is present in the human diet longer than honey, sesame imposes itself as one of the few legitimate rivals in that respect. It is known that people cultivated it more than 5000 years ago, and that it was mentioned and mentioned in the holy scriptures several times in Ancient Egypt. So, sesame is in the cultures that are now far behind us, considered a privilege of the rulers themselves, and at the same time the highest strata of a society.

  • The first mixtures of honey and sesame have been used since time immemorial. The women in Babylon used these two delicious ingredients, believing that in that way they would ensure eternal youth or beauty, so this combination in all respects points us to a kind of stone of wisdom. In addition, the most elite military groups were happy to consume honey and sesame seeds, due to the high energy value they brought with them.

  • There is, of course, the inevitable national cuisine. Herodotus noted that delicious cakes were made from honey and sesame seeds, and that in addition to the epithet of dessert, they brought with them many health benefits. Therefore, it is not surprising that the combination of honey and sesame has always been widespread throughout the known world, and that it has occupied a significant, if not leading place in the cultures of many nations.

Sesame and honey recipe

  • As I said that, sesame and honey are one of the most common natural combinations, both in the old and modern world. It should not be surprising that people, but also famous “druids” of distant lands, have invested years to use the full potential of these foods. Today, sesame and honey can be found as common factors in many recipes, and cakes or biscuits are world-famous. What interests us, of course, is to put these two foods in the service of preserving our health, and to place them as the most faithful allies against vicious and serious diseases.

  • To make a delicious and healthy combination of these two ingredients, everything we need rests on a pinch of patience and skill.

Ingredients needed
  • 1 cup sesame seeds

  • 1 cup raw organic honey

  • According to personal preferences and affinities, olive oil, walnuts, almonds, as well as lemon or orange juice can be added to the mentioned ingredients. All this will enhance the already sufficiently impressive and original taste of the primary ingredients, enriching it with new vitamins necessary for normal functioning.

  • Sesame seeds are fried on low heat for about five minutes. The honey is also melted over a low heat, until it thickens. When both foods reach the desired effect, honey has a sufficient degree of density, and sesame has a characteristic golden color, we mix them in a bowl lined with baking paper. The two-food filling prepared in this way is left to cool at room temperature. After this mixture has cooled, it is cut into bars or cubes and consumed.

  • In the process of making, honey and sesame can be added one or more additional ingredients. The only thing we need to pay attention to is that they should not take precedence over the bearers of this recipe, but that they are there only to improve the final taste and aroma.

Cocoa sesame and honey against anemia

  • Honey and sesame have long been labeled as medicines against many diseases. This was mostly due to their ability to globally strengthen the body, and to restore weakened immunity. However, in folk medicine, honey and sesame are most often used, as an effective and efficient combination against anemia and similar accompanying problems. In addition to their ability to improve the blood picture and to perform a kind of balance in our body, honey and sesame successfully improve the circulation itself. It is also known that they have a beneficial effect on high blood pressure.

  • Sesame and honey have great success in treating anemia, due to the concentration of iron in them. It is also known that honey itself helps to absorb this ingredient in our body faster. In order to make a successful and effective elixir from these ingredients, you need to adhere to the following.

Honey and sesame against anemia – recipe

  • -2 tablespoons sesame seeds

  • -2 tablespoons cocoa

  • -3 tablespoons honey

  • -3 tablespoons tahini

  • The preparation itself is extremely simple. The listed ingredients are mixed until they reach the required density. Since it is known that honey does not react best to the cutlery we use every day, a wooden spoon is recommended, as a means by which we will perform this simple process. After preparation, the resulting mixture can be consumed several times a day, with natural juices or vitamin C

Sesame and honey for potency

  • Due to their energy values, sesame and honey can also be used as a medicine that deprives us of persistent, chronic, and sometimes diseases, and which are uncomfortable to talk about. Honey, which has been known for years as an unavoidable ingredient in royal tables, is also used in combination with sesame in the treatment of potency problems.

  • This combination has also been used by women for many years, to enhance and prolong their sexual pleasure. In addition to energy value, sesame and honey are believed to have a great influence on the treatment of potency, because they have a favorable effect on our general mood, as well as on the receptors in our brain. In order to see significant changes, regular consumption for a period of at least four weeks is required.

  • The preparation of honey and sesame as a medicine for potency is simple. These two ingredients are mixed in equal proportions until they become a condensed and united mass. After the stored mass has cooled, it is cut into cubes or bars and stored in the refrigerator. It would be convenient if the container in which these cookies were stored was hermetically sealed. After the second cooling, the cakes are ready for consumption and can be taken as needed.

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