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This Homemade Drink Strengthens the Immunity to the Maximum

Updated: Mar 27

The combination of these ingredients has a beneficial effect on the body

  • Strong immunity is now a priority, and it has best strengthened the body with natural drinks. We found a recipe for tea that is made easily and quickly. All the ingredients from which it is made affect immunity and health.

Here's what you need to prepare:

  • Water

  • Ginger root

  • Cinnamon

  • Honey

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Lemon

  1. Peel a piece of ginger about 5 cm in size, cut it into slices.

  2. Put it in a pot with 800 ml of water and a teaspoon of cinnamon, let it boil, remove from the heat and leave for about ten minutes.

  3. Strain, cool and mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, three tablespoons of honey and the juice of one lemon.

  4. Drink two cups every day. Enjoy!

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