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5 Reasons why Every Woman Must Eat Cooked Wheat

Updated: Feb 18

5 Reasons why Every Woman Must Eat Cooked Wheat

  • Whole wheat is rich in vitamins and minerals. Especially important are the B complex vitamins, which are extremely important for the nutrition of the entire human body, strength, and immunity.

  • Among the many modern trends in wellness culture and healthy living, there is a recent opinion that wheat should be avoided. However, this popular cereal has been used as a basic raw material for human consumption for millennia, which, having in mind its nutritious and useful properties, absolutely justifies its use.

  • If it is processed in the first way, wheat, as the most significant and most frequently used grain in the world, should certainly not be left out of our tables.

  • Complete grains of this cereal are rich in extremely useful nutrients for our health and organism. The use of full wheat in the diet is useful and has a beneficial effect on the entire human system. Consumption of cooked wheat on a regular level can have a preventive effect on certain health conditions, such as constipation, hemorrhoids, and colon cancer.

  • There is probably no plant that is more used and known all over the world. Wheat, in Latin Triticum, is believed to originate from the southwestern parts of Asia and is believed to have been used in the diet as far back as twelve millennia.

  • It has long been considered a plant that has an important religious role in many ancient cultures, precisely because of the nutrients on which generations of ancient and even modern peoples rested.

  • There are deities of wheat in Greek, Roman, Sumerian, but also Finnish mythology. In some parts of China, it is still considered a sacred plant. One third of the world's total population bases their diet on the right to use wheat and process it in various ways.

  • Wheat products dominate world markets and the food industry, and it is still considered one of the most significant cereals on the globe.

  • Whole wheat is rich in vitamins and minerals. Especially significant are the B complex vitamins, which are extremely significant for the nutrition of the entire human body, strength, and immunity.

  • Wheat grain is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. Wheat has a higher protein content than all other cereals.

  • In 100 g of uncooked wheat there are 351 calories, 13 g of protein, 2.5 g of fat and 70 g. carbohydrates. Fats are found in wheat germ, docmineral ingredients make up the shell of the grain itself. Therefore, the best and most useful way is to consume full wheat, i.e., full grain.

What is cooked wheat useful for?

5 Reasons why Every Woman Must Eat Cooked Wheat

  • Cooked complete wheat is an excellent source of nutrients, with a special emphasis on dietary fiber and minerals. It provides the optimal amount of nutrients for the human body and is generally beneficial to health.

  • One cup of cooked wheat contains 151 calories, 8.19 g of dietary fiber, 58 g of magnesium, 11.1 g of manganese, 0.09 g of tryptophan.

Cancer prevention

  • Cooked wheat contains lignans, phytonutrients that have anticancer effects, and scientific research has shown that this is especially true for breast cancer. One study showed that consuming a small dose of full wheat bran a day can reduce the concentration of bile acids and bacteria in the stool, which are thought to be triggers for colon cancer.

Weight control

  • The use of full cooked wheat can help regulate and maintain body weigh. Because it prevents the occurrence of metabolic syndrome of fat accumulation in the abdomen, and at the same time provides the optimal amount of good cholesterol, triglycerides and maintains blood pressure.

Treatment of chronic inflammation

  • Cooked wheat is rich in betaine, a useful ingredient that plays an important role in alleviating chronic inflammatory processes.

Natural laxative

  • Integral wheat, especially soft wheat, acts as a natural laxative, as it is rich in sore fiber, phosphorus and B vitamins.

Why consume whole cooked wheat?

  • Integral, cooked wheat contains a large proportion of nutrients that only the grain of this cereal contains. Unlike it, all other products lose a significant part of useful ingredients. That is why the trend of avoiding wheat in the diet prevails, thinking first of white flour and similar products.

  • White wheat flour has minimal health benefits, as more than 50 percent of its nutritional value is lost during processing. It is poor in B complex vitamins, vitamin E, folic acid, phosphorus, zinc, fiber, iron and all other elements.

  • Integral wheat flour, on the contrary, contains all these ingredients. Therefore, it is recommended that instead of white flour pasta, those made from complete wheat flour be consumed.

Preparation of cooked wheat

  • Like other cereals and some legumes, wheat is best prepared when immersed in water overnight. Then strain and cook.

  • The amount of cooking water should be at the level of four fingers above the wheat. Cook for 30 min to 40 minutes on low heat, to simmer.

  • Ready-cooked wheat can be consumed as a dessert and as part of a meal.

  • Nuts, cinnamon, honey, raisins can be added to it, and everyone knows the rich taste of wheat with whipped cream.

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