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Beetroot very Healthy

Updated: Mar 4

  • Beets contain the widest range of minerals and vitamins, including extremely rare B12, contain a high percentage of iron, and are especially rich in proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. BEET (Beta vulgaris) is said to be able to repair most of what is spoiled in the body. From the Mediterranean countries it was known to an even older civilization, and they realized that it helps them with many diseases. It is one of the most useful and healing herbs.

  • It contains almost everything from minerals – calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, fluorine, manganese, copper, iodine, sulfur, lithium, strontium, bromine ... Vitamins B1, B2, C are the most present, as well as extremely a rare vitamin in plant foods, B12. The red color of beets comes from anthocyanins, which affects the renewal of the blood, while the plant as a whole has an anticancer effect.

  • In addition, its healing properties in cases of bone and tooth demineralization have been confirmed. The presence of iodine makes it a valuable remedy against atherosclerosis and the aging process. The basis of the multiple healing properties of this plant are the ingredients betanin and betaine, which stimulate metabolism, regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, keep blood vessels in good condition, and stimulate liver function.

  • Beets are extremely useful in the treatment of anemia in children and young people, because they contain a high percentage of iron. It has an excellent effect on the work of the intestines and their peristalsis (mobility) because it contains cellulose and pectin in abundance. But in order to satisfy the body's daily needs for precious fiber, you need to eat five medium-sized beets.

  • Although the use of only beet root is domesticated in Serbia, experts claim that it is useful in its entirety throughout the year. It can be taken in unlimited quantities, without fear of any harmful consequences. Little is known that beet leaves look like spinach, so it can be prepared that way. However, regardless of the fact that the whole plant is edible, only the root is medicinal, which is collected in the fall and left in moderately warm rooms, so as not to freeze. If stored properly, the freshness of beets can be enjoyed until next summer.

  • Beets should be eaten whenever it occurs to you, because it has a preventive effect on the full organism. Folk doctors claim that it is: also good against tumors and leukemia, low blood pressure, flu, that it accelerates the work of nerves and the brain, stimulates the activity of the liver, bile and stomach, and protects against radioactivity and radiation.

  • Beetroot juice has a special value, because it is also effective in many diseases. It strengthens and strengthens the complete organism and has a beneficial effect on its metabolism. It is best to drink it in combination with honey, half a glass three times a day. Cumin can also be added to the juice, as well as grated horseradish, which gives it a special taste.

  • Beets are effective even in the most severe diseases, but they lose their healing properties when cooked, so it is best to drink fresh beet juice. About 700 milliliters of juice are obtained from a kilogram of beets. It is prepared by thinly peeling the beets, grinding them finely and pouring honey and lemon juice over them. When this mixture stands for a while, strain it well, drink it in sips all day. In severe diseases, you should drink half a liter of juice a day, and when you feel better, reduce the amount by a quarter cumin. Finally, mix the salad with sour cream and sprinkle with primrose leaves.

  • It can also be prepared as a winter cake by cutting the fruit into thin rings, pouring over apple or wine vinegar, to which a little ground cumin has been added. The beets prepared in this way are arranged in jars and left for the winter.

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