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How to Make a Homemade Fantastic Ketchup

Updated: Feb 29

  • Fantastic homemade product tastes phenomenal. You can double or triple the quantities as needed. The recipe was made with a preservative to make it last longer. The taste is delicious, and you can use it as an addition to dishes or for some sauces, ragout, paprikash or goulash, tomato soups. Keep your homemade ketchup in the pantry in a cool, dark place. Follow recipe.

  • 10 kg of tomatoes

  • 3 kg of red pepper

  • 7 onions

  • 5 bay leaves

  • 1 small cup of salt

  • 1 small cup of sugar

  • 1 small cup of olive oil

  • 1/3 cup wine vinegar

  • 1–3 Tablespoons mustard to taste

  • 1 bag of oregano or more to taste

  • 1 bag preservative, 5 g

  1. Wash and peel the tomatoes and chop them as for a salad and drain the water. Put the tomato in a larger pot with the paprika chopped into small pieces, chopped onion and bay leaf with occasional stirring. L Cook for about 2–3 hours until everything softens.

  2. Then leave to cool.

  3. After cooling, mash it on a tomato machine, and you can also use a blender or stick mixer.

  4. It is important to remove all the seeds and peel of the tomatoes and peppers, mash the onion and discard the bay leaf. You can do all this through a strainer.

  5. When you have done all this, return the mixture to the pot again and cook, add one small cup of salt, 1 small cup of oil, 1 small cup of sugar, and 1/3 of the same cup of wine vinegar and stir.

  6. After a few minutes, taste the tomato. If the tomato had acidity, it will be sour enough, if not, add more wine vinegar to taste.

  7. After 20 minutes, separate a small amount of cooked ketchup and when it cools, add 1–3 tablespoons of mustard to taste and mix well.

  8. After that, return this mixture to the pot with the other ketchup that is cooking and stir quickly.

  9. Try the taste of ketchup if you need to add salt or sugar.

  10. Cook the ketchup for 2 hours until it gets thick.

  11. Of course, depending on the heat, if you cook on a higher heat, then 1 hour, if you cook on a lower heat, then 2 hours.

  12. It must be a nice and slightly thick mixture of ketchup.

  13. Add 1 sachet of oregano, or more to your liking.

  14. Always add oregano before the end of 10 minutes so that it does not burn.

  15. When it is done, turn off the heat and remove and put 1 bag of preservative 5 grams, and stir until it melts.

  16. Pour into hot sterile jars. Look here instructions for sterile jars.

  17. You will have jars to close well for approximately 7 jars of ketchup.

  18. Wrap the jars in a tablecloth, then in a blanket, and leave in a deeper bowl until cool.

  19. Keep in a pantry in a cool and dark place.

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