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Roll with Mascarpone and Nutella, chocolate

Updated: Feb 27

  • Chocolate roll with mascarpone cream and Nutella, a quick fresh dessert, without butter and eggs, ready in the blink of an eye. It is easy to prepare and ready quickly. A wonderful treat that will not take you much time and everyone will be satisfied. Follow recipe.

Ingredients: very easy, total time 30 min.
  • 400 g of dry cocoa biscuits

  • 140 ml of milk

  • 250 g of Mascarpone

  • 100 g of sugar

  • 10 ml of vanilla extract

  • 50 g of Nutella

  • dark chocolate flakes to taste

  • Cocoa powder to taste



  1. Mix Mascarpone with sugar and vanilla sugar, until it is a homogeneous and compact mixture.

  2. Cover it with foil and put it in the fridge.


  1. Meanwhile, grind the biscuits in a blender, and pour into a bowl, add the milk and Nutella, mixing it all with a spoon until you get a soft and compact mixture.

  2. Take the baked paper, place it on the work surface. Pour the biscuit mixture and distribute it evenly, put another baked paper over the mixture and roll it out to a thickness of 7 mm with the help of a rolling pin.

  3. Remove the top paper and pour the mascarpone cream, to leave 1 cm of free space around the edge. Align with a spatula,

  4. Roll the cake into a roll with the help of paper, remove the excess cream from the ends.

  5. Leave the roll to stand in the fridge for 2 hours. And then leave in the freezer for up to 15 min.

  6. Take out the roll, garnish with cocoa powder, sprinkle with dark chocolate flakes cut into slices and serve!

Buon appetito!

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