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Homemade Croissants

Updated: Feb 14

  • Beautiful croissants, soft and crispy, like from a bakery. Croissants are really fantastic, I love this french pastry! Be sure to make them when you want, nothing is difficult. Follow the recipe.

Ingredients: medium, total time: 90 min. 27 croissants

Puff Pastry:

  • 500 g flour type 400

  • 150 ml of lukewarm milk

  • 150 ml of lukewarm water

  • 70 ml of oil

  • 1 teaspoon of salt

  • 2 teaspoons of yeast

  • 2 teaspoons of sugar

  • 130 g of butter

  • + 1 egg yolk and

  • 20-30 gr of butter for coating

  1. Knead a fine, smooth dough from the above ingredients, except margarine. Let rise until dough doubles in size, 1 hour to 1h 30 minutes. Then it is kneaded and folded into a rectangle. Grate the butter on 1/2 of the dough, then fold it over. Then, on that half of the grater, fold it in half again and fold it again. This is done until we reach a small cube.

  2. Another option is to spread the butter between two pieces of baking paper into a smaller rectangle than the dough and place it in the middle of the dough. The dough is folded from the left, then the right, and then in half. Put the folded dough in the fridge overnight. The short version is, don't spend the night.

  3. The next day, the dough is taken out of the refrigerator, folded into a rectangle, 1/3 of the dough is folded from left to right, and from right to left, and then in half. Place in the refrigerator for 60 min. This procedure is repeated 3 times. So, folding from left and right, to the cube, then to the fridge.

  4. When we take it out of the fridge after the 3rd folding, we unfold it into a circle or rectangle. It depends on how easy it is for you to cut. Spread about 4-5 mm. At the same time, make sure that they are equal to you. It's better that way. Cut the croissant in the middle, then roll it. If you are making salty ones, first fillet them with the ham and cheese according to your taste.

  5. Coat them with egg yolk mixed with a little milk and leave covered with a cloth to rise for another 1 hour. After 45 min, turn on the oven to heat it to 250 °C.

  6. Before putting the croissants in the oven, coat them again and put a cube of butter on each one. Reduce the temperature to 220-230 and bake until they get a nice color. It depends on the oven, but it's about 15-20 min.

  7. Enjoy the crispness and cotton of light homemade croissants! Buon appetito!

NOTE : Fill as desired, you can with Nutella, vanilla or nougat, look recipe here for both creams, or even salty with ham and cheese, if you like. If you are working with vanilla or nougat, fill them when they are baked, not before!

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