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Homemade Tomato juice

Updated: Feb 29

  • Homemade tomato juice in the Serbian way, very simple and quick to prepare. You will need to sterilize the bottles, and if you have a blender it will be much easier, you will spend more time cleaning the tomatoes from the stems if there are any. Tomato juice is ideal as a drink, and you can use it for some sauces or as an addition to tomato soups. Tomatoes are extremely healthy, they contain the substance lycopene, which is very important for men and their prostate. So healthy meals depend on you. In any case, you are better off making homemade juices, compared to those sold in the store, because all these factory products have some additives that are not very healthy. For a few ingredients and patience, you will have a very good and natural product for winter days. You can double or triple the amount, considering that 1 kg of tomatoes contains 10 g of salt and 25 g of sugar. When buying tomatoes, make sure they are juicy and ripe, not overripe. Follow recipe.

Ingredients: simple, total time: 120 min.
  • 5 kg tomatoes, cleaned and cut into quarters

  • 30 g salt

  • 75 g sugar

  • 1 celery stalk with leaves

  • 2 red bell peppers, cut and cleaned of seeds into quarters

  • sterile bottles, see here instructions

  1. Wash tomatoes, cut into quarters, put in a blender and grind.

  2. Put the ground tomato, bell peppers and stalk of celery in a large over a pot of low heat to cook.

  3. When it boils from that moment, cook for another 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

  4. Reduce heat if necessary.

  5. When the tomato is cooked, remove from the heat and prepare one deeper larger pot, set the strainer and with the help of a ladle, pour the juice to strain it finely.

  6. The seeds and the rest of the shell must remain in the strainer.

  7. Press with a spoon to drain nicely to the end, and put the rest aside you can use for a nice dinner, you will see in the description below.

  8. Do not throw away the rest of the tomato peel, celery and paprika, you can use it for some bećar paprikash, see the recipe here!

  9. Repeat this several times until you have used up all the material.

  10. From 5 kg of tomatoes, you will get 3 liters of juice.

  11. As a rule, 10 g of salt and 25 g of sugar are added to 1 liter of juice.

  12. Since we have 3 liters here, we will add 30 g of salt and 75 g of sugar.

  13. Put the pot on the stove for another 5–7 minutes.

  14. When it is ready to fill into sterile bottles and close well with a stopper.

  15. Leave the tomato juice prepared in this way gradually to cool, and cover it with a thicker cloth or blanket.

  16. Note: To see more about sterile jars and bottle, look here! If you make more liters then, put 1 preservative on 5 liters!

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