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Updated: Mar 9

  • Famous and famous Italian Panzerotti, if you want to make them here is the recipe and follow the instructions.

Ingredients: cup 250 ml, simple, total time: 45 min.


  • 1 yeast (40 gr)

  • 1 cup/ 250 ml milk

  • 2 cups /250 ml of water

  • 1 tsp of salt

  • 1 tsp of sugar

  • a little oil

  • 700 – 800 g of flour


  • 200 g of ham or some other salami, for pizza can

  • 150 g of cheese or any hard cheese, mozzarella, Trappist

  • ketchup, so much so that the mixture is thick, by no means rare, it will leak

  • oregano, if you like and to taste

  • you can add pickles, mayonnaise or what you love.

  1. When I prepare Panzerotti, I don't put yeast to soak, but I immediately put the first in water and then in flour. Make a large pile of flour, about 600 g, make a hole inside the flour and grind the yeast into it and add sugar. Add lukewarm milk and water and kneed a smooth dough.

  2. Add salt while mixing. Add flour as needed until you knead a smooth and soft dough.

  3. Pour it a little and round it nicely, then leave it to stand as long as you make the stuffing.

  4. When you have made the filling, take out the dough, roll it out with a rolling pin to the thickness of a thumb or 1.5 cm. Cut smaller rectangles with a knife or circles with a glass.

  5. When you take out the ends with a glass, mix them and use the dough to make another one.

  6. Leave it to stand for about 10 minutes, “for the dough to start” to rise, then spread it with your fingers, squeezing and pulling from the middle towards the ends, without losing its shape.

  7. Apply the filling, then fold and squeeze with a fork, or you can use your fingers.

  8. When you have done the last few, put the oil to warm up (pour into a deeper pan, so that it is about 4-5 cm high).

  9. Dip the panzerotti in hot oil, but never at the highest temperature, but at one below the highest or two turns below, depending on what kind of stove you have.

  10. Bake on one side until golden brown, then turn.

  11. It is best if you do not turn more than once so as not to “drink” the oil.

  12. When they are done, take them out on a plate, on which you put a napkin to drain.

Buon apettito!

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