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Welcome to My Site, Coffee Time with Lena All in 1

Updated: Mar 11

It's made for all ages, who wants to learn more about cooking. Will always be new recipes from all around the world. For all my readers will be information from alternative medicine and science. This blog shows you all my recipes from various countries and famous cuisines. I love to cook, and I always get new inspirations and new ideas. I enjoy cooking every day, and I believe that you will also fall in love with these gastronomic charms every day with me. So let's go on cooking adventures together. I believe you will enjoy and will be satisfied reading this site, with “Coffee time with Lena all in 1”, with your first morning of your coffee.

I'm the voice, author, and creator behind “Coffee Time with Lena all in 1”.

My name is Helena, I am native Serbian, graduated from high economics school, I have worked for a long time in a bank and in larger corporations in my former city in Serbia. I have born in Novi Sad. From sports, I like swimming and riding motorbikes the most. I also love animals. I had a dog Labrador who lived to a very old age. Besides dogs and horses, I love dolphins the most. I am a one of member in the Dolphin “Project organization RIC O'Barry”, so I would like to ask you to help these wonderful animals with small donations. More information you will get on their site. The link is here, also you can see on the page read about me.

As a child, I fell in love with cooking and I also like experimenting with food, because I like new tastes and new challenges in the kitchen. Since I have experience in cooking, I had the opportunity to work on a sailing ship, which made my experience even more complete! A job that you immediately fall in love with, that offers you many good destinations, new contacts, new experiences in that business, also in the kitchen. I certainly had the opportunity to try various specialties, and that inspired me even more to try something else in them and to stick to their habits, of course. That being said, we don't need to talk about tastes, because each of us is different, and so are the tastes in food. All in all, I have a wonderful experience and knowledge that I would be happy to share with you. I believe that I will inspire you even more to change the menu every day. Because on this blog I can offer you various and cooked recipes from almost all regions, mostly from Serbia and Italy, but also Greece, Turkey, and France. I will write to you as simply as I can so that you can understand better. So be there always with me, because every day there will be new and beautiful recipes for you.

Food Tourism plays a vital role in the tourism industry as it is one of the major factors for selecting a tourist destination.

As the climatic conditions, history, and culture determines and shapes the food of the area.

Today's tourist is better informed, more cultured, well-traveled, and looking for new experiences. Food offers a gateway into other cultures, through taste, through food preparation, and the whole eating environment. Read more.

Health and alternative medicine

Regular physical activity is an important factor in the prevention of coronary heart disease and for optimal body weight, delay, and prevention of the occurrence of some risk factors for the development of coronary heart disease. Recent studies have shown that it prevents the development of some cancers, Physically active women are less likely to develop breast and reproductive cancer. Read more




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