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How to make Marinade for Lamb

Updated: Feb 14

  • The best way to marinate your lamb before the holidays is first to have good quality meat and to order it 5 days before the festive reception. Lamb is always marinated 2 days before the reception, precisely to absorb all the ingredients and smells. And how to do it, in a very simple way. Follow recipe.

Ingredients: simple, total time 10 min.
  • 5 kg of lamb with bones

  • 100 ml oil

  • sage to taste/ fresh or dry

  • 3-4 teaspoon of salt

  • 4 cloves of garlic

  • 1 sprig bay leaves

Preparing the Marinade:
  1. Take out the meat from the freezer that you bought earlier, wait for it to thaw until the next day in the refrigerator. You do this 2 days before a festive reception.

  2. First, rub the meat well with oil then with sage on all sides. (If you have fresh sage, even better, I didn't have). Salt it well, because during the roasting, you will water this meat occasionally and the salt will fall on the baked potatoes or stew. Cut the garlic into thin rings and cut the pieces of meat, make small cuts and insert the garlic leaves inside the meat, do this only where there are meaty areas. If you eat ribs or some bony parts, you don't need to, just place garlic leaves over them!

  3. Stir the meat and bones well together in a pan, and at the end put 1 sprig bay leaves on the meat. Cover with nylon and seal the edges well. Put it in the fridge and let it stand for 2 days.

  4. The lamb prepared in this way is ready for baking. Look recipe here!

NOTE: Before baking, mix the lamb meat once more and add a little more oil if necessary. Place in a baking dish and heat the oven. Bake at 190 °C. Put the roast in the oven on the lowest level. Cover the roast as needed if it browns. As soon as the meat is soft and has taken on color, take it out of the oven and put the potatoes in the same pan and bake until the potatoes are soft. It depends on the size of the pieces of meat, if you have smaller and thinner steaks, you will roast less. Generally, check your roasting every 30 minutes. During baking, do not open the oven for the first 20 minutes, this rule applies to anything you bake. Turn the meat and top up with water as needed. I add water only when the meat takes on color, because then the juice is tastier. I add the potatoes 1 and a half hours before the end so that they can pick up the smell and juices from baking. Baking always takes about 2–4 hours. It depends on the size of the pieces of meat, if you have smaller and thinner steaks, you will roast less. Mostly, check your roasting every 30 minutes.

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