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How to Make the Best and Healthiest Spinach!?

Updated: Mar 5

  • I love all kinds of vegetables, and one of my favorites is spinach. Many people make it with milk and flour, but I prefer this easy way without any unnecessary additives, it is very tasty, and it will be ready quickly, you don't need any great knowledge. Follow the instruction recipe.

Ingredients: very easy, total time:15-20 min., 2 persons
  • 500 g spinach frozen or fresh

  • 25 g butter

  • 1 and 1//2 tsp dry spice/ Vegeta

  • 2 cloves garlic finely chopped

  • olive oil extra virgin

  1. If you have fresh spinach, Wash and clean the leaves and remove the thicker part of the stalk in the middle, and then boil it in salted boiling water for about 10–15 minutes.

  2. As soon as you see that the leaves have softened, take them out and drain them in a strainer, do not throw away the water where you cooked them for now.

  3. During that time, clean the garlic and chop it finely, and the cooled spinach, cut it into smaller leaves, but not finely!

  4. Put the olive oil in a medium-sized pot and set the heat to the lowest, wait for the little oil to heat up, then add the finely chopped garlic and fry it lightly for 1–2 minutes.

  5. As soon as it releases the aroma, add sliced ​​spinach and mix well, then put a little water (50-100 ml) in which the spinach was cooked, and cover the pot just enough to soften the spinach,

  6. Cook and stir occasionally and add water as needed until the spinach is completely soft and season with dry seasoning / Vegeta. When the spinach has softened and the liquid has evaporated, add 25-30 g of butter.

  7. Stir well and simmer the spinach for another 1–2 minutes. Extinguish the fire.

  8. If you work with frozen spinach there is no need to add water, the process is faster than with fresh spinach, in any case the order is the same only without adding water! It is important to cover the pot while the spinach is cooking. Buon appetito! NOTE: Do not avoid garlic, otherwise garlic gives aroma to this spinach and at the same time it is very healthy and one of the strongest antioxidants that protects our immunity and even the heart from various diseases!

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