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Chia Seeds are very Healthy

Updated: Apr 14

  • Chia seeds (Salvia hispanica) are made from a flowering plant from the mint species. It originates mostly from Mexico and Guatemala, and can also be found in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and Australia.


Omega-3 fatty acids — is good to take for cardiovascular health, so it is recommended for heart patients.

It is also known that using chia seeds, which contain omega 3, reduces the risk of heart disease, as well as reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Proteins — The most common misconception is that proteins can only be found in legumes and meat. Each chia seed has approximately 20% protein. Not only does it provide energy, but by ingesting chia seeds, you will prolong endurance and increase stamina. Therefore, the use of chia seeds is highly recommended for athletes and sportiest.

Fiber — whose seeds contain about 25% of dietary fiber. These seeds are easy to digest because, unlike flax, they do not have to be ground before eating.

Calcium — whose seeds contain 2% more calcium than milk

Relieves pain — In some reports, the use of chia seeds can be found to relieve joint pain.

Improves mood — whose seeds have antidepressant effects.

Gluten-free — Great news for people allergic to gluten because they can use chia seeds without restrictions because they do not contain gluten and very low sodium levels.

In addition to everything previously listed, chia seeds contain vitamin B, as well as copper, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B3, phosphorus and zinc. All of this together makes this food a super-food.

  • Due to their nutrition and healing properties, this simple preparation of chia seeds is ideal for breakfast, so prepare a chia drink, muesli, fruit salad or pudding.

  • Chia seeds boost immunity, rejuvenate and promote weight loss and regulate digestion (relieve heartburn!), lower cholesterol and help with diabetes.

  • Whole, ground or stored as a gel, they are added to various beverages and dishes, smoothies, smoothies, fruit and vegetable salads, muesli, pudding, sauces and soups, for example.


Chia spoon health

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of seeds (whole or ground) or gel in your usual morning meal, for example in muesli, corn flakes, cereal flakes or cereal oatmeal.

Chia drink

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of ground seeds, 300 ml of soy or almond milk, juice of 1 lemon or orange and Flower Honey or agave or maple syrup as desired (let stand for about 15 minutes!)

Chia fruit salad

  • Mix 5 teaspoons of seeds, 2 diced apples, 8 chopped dates and ½ cups of juicy berries (let stand for about 15 minutes!)

Chia fruit pudding

  • Mix 5 teaspoons of ground seeds, 1 crushed banana, 1 cup of papaya meat and 6 finely chopped dried figs

Chia muesli

  • Mix 1 cup of seed gel, 2 crushed bananas, ¼ cups of raisins and ¼ cups of muesli.

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