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Black Forest Cake

Updated: Feb 28

  • Fantastic blend of cherry pie and black forest cake. Soft, juicy and sour. In a very short time, you will have a nice treat on the table. Follow the recipe.

Ingredients: very easy, total time: 50 min

Biscuit crust:

  • 300 g ground biscuits

  • 100 g of melted butter

  • 30 g Nesquik or similar product

  • 100 ml of milk

(If you want a crispy crust, don't add milk, if you want a soft crust, add milk.)

Jelly cherries stuffing:

  • 500–600 g of peeled cherries

  • 200 g of crystal sugar

  • 60 g density (starch, starch)

  • water — the amount explained in the video because it varies


  • 200 g of chocolate

  • 3 Tablespoons oil

White part:

  • 200 g cream cheese

  • 200 m sweet sour cream

  • powdered sugar as desired, optional


  • grated chocolate

  • or cherries

  1. Add melted butter, Nesquik, to the ground biscuits and mix well.

  2. Then add milk and mix well again.

  3. Stir a little longer to combine all the dry biscuits with the wet ingredients.

  4. Put the mixture in a mold or tray measuring 30 × 20 cm and flatten the crust with the help of a spoon or a glass cup. (Line a hoop with baked paper and grease it with oil, then place it on a tray measuring 30×20 cm).

  5. Drain the cleaned cherries from the juice, and add in juice water as needed to get 400 ml of liquid.

  6. Put the cherries in the pot in which they will be cooked, add sugar and 1/2 of the juice and water mixture.

  7. Put everything on the fire to boil.

  8. During this time, mix the remaining juice and corn starch.

  9. When the mass in the pot boils, cook for a few minutes (2-3), then add the beaten mixture with corn starch and juice, stir until it thickens.

  10. It takes a few minutes again.

  11. Cooked, gelatin pour over the crust and flatten, and then shake the tray or tray on which the mold is a little.

Allow cooling when you make the chocolate.

  1. Pour oil over the chocolate, then melt the chocolate over a medium heat in the microwave for 30 seconds, or do it on steam.

  2. Pour the melted chocolate over the cherry jelly, flatten everything again a bit, then shake the baking tray to even out the mixture.

  3. Leave everything to harden, it will take a couple of hours, but you can put it lukewarm in the fridge, as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, make a white cream

  1. Mix the cream cheese and whip the sweet sour cream.

  2. Add powdered sugar if desired.

  3. I’m not because my jelly is already sweet enough, sweet sour cream has its sweetener, and the crust is sweet, too, I prefer sour flavors.

  4. Coat over a layer of chocolate and the cake is done.

  5. The decoration can be made of grated chocolate and even a cherry decoration.

Buon appetito!

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