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Carrot Jam

Updated: Feb 18

  • Fantastic carrot jam, which can serve as a spread on bread or for some cakes and pies if you make. It is very easy to prepare, and I recommend that you make it and put it in jars for the future, which are full of vitamins that we really need throughout the winter. This jam is great for all types of desserts. Sterilize the fruit with baking soda and water, standing for 24 hours before making. Follow recipe.

Ingredients: simple, total time: 70 min.
  • 500 g carrots

  • 80 ml of water

  • 180 g of sugar

  • 1 sachet vanilla sugar/10 g

  • 2 lemon peel and juice

  • 50 ml cognac or other liquor/optional

  • sterile jars and lids

  1. Wash and clean the carrots and cut them into smaller pieces.

  2. Put them in a deeper pot, sprinkle with lemon juice, and pour just enough water to cover the carrots. Cook the carrots until softened for about 20–25 minutes at a moderately moderate temperature and partially fold.

  3. When the carrots have softened, strain it well, strain it through a vegetable machine.

  4. After that, put the carrot cream in a deeper pan, add sugar and grated lemon zest.

  5. Return the pot to the heat, cook over a slightly moderate heat, stirring constantly, until you get a thick and homogeneous mixture.

  6. When you have the right mixture, turn off the heat, leave to cool. Then add the liqueur, stir and pour into sterile jars, close with an airtight lid, make jars wrapped in kitchen towels. When the jars have cooled, leave them in a dark and cool place overnight.

2. Recipe Carrot Jam
  • 900 g cleaned and grated tender young carrots

  • 4 lemons (grated peel and juice)

  • 125 ml of water

  • 300 g of white sugar

  • 1 lemon cut into slices

  • sterile jars and lids

  1. Wash and clean the carrots, then grate them.

  2. Grate the lemon zest and squeeze the juice.

  3. Put grated carrots in a deep pot and pour over water and lemon juice. Cook the carrots for about 25 minutes, stirring constantly. When the carrot has softened, add sugar and mix well.

  4. When is sugar melted well, put out the fire and blend.

  5. Blend until you get a thick cream and a homogeneous mixture.

  6. When you get the creamy mixture, put it on the fire again, finally, add the lemon zest and stir the mixture. Cook 20 minutes over low to moderate heat.

  7. When the mixture has become thicker and when you pass it with a wooden spoon and there is no liquid, the jam is ready and put out the fire.

  8. Pack in sterile jars by adding one slice of sterilize lemon to each jar and using a wider funnel to add hot jam. Close them with an airtight lid and wrap them in kitchen towels, leave them to cool overnight, and then put them in a dark and cool place. This jam is fantastic for cakes and desserts, and even spreads on bread.

  9. Buon appetito!

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