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Cereal Diet

Updated: Mar 6

  • Cereal diet is simpler than the classic diet, not a weight loss diet, it has positive and negative sides


  • The importance of this diet to replace 2 meals with cereals, so it is a much better option, and we should not give up any meal. This variant is neither easy but not easy, because 2 meals must be replaced with a cup of whole grains and with milk that has the lowest level of fat in it. So you choose the meal, whether it will be breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner. The decision is up to you, and that diet lasts for 14 days.


  • In any case in to opt for option 1 or 2, in any case breakfast will be very healthy, because these cereals are extremely important when it comes to this diet. Buy cereals in bulk from healthy food, that is my recommendation, because in some supermarkets, you can also find sugar from these cereals, and take milk only with the least fat.


  • If you decide for lunch as the main meal, then let your dinner be milk with cereals. It is generally significant that there is no fat in both meals, but that there are as many vegetables as possible, clean meat, boiled fish and of course that the meals are as healthy as possible. Mediterranean cuisines are best for this example.


  • What is special about cereals when it comes to weight loss? So that they have a positive effect on our digestion and our health in general. With cereals, when they go on a diet, they do not starve, on the contrary, they saturate us, and we do not feel hungry and over time it reduces our appetite. If you ask me which cereal to use to begin with, it is OATMEAL, and after a while you can switch and combine other cereals.

  • Basically all you need are healthy grains, low-fat milk and one Mediterranean meal, you will lose about 3 pounds in two weeks.

  • When eating a main meal, make sure you eat as little fat and oil as possible and roast chicken is … Replace it with olive oil, fish or boiled chicken Physical activity and regular fluid intake are also important, I mean water, alcohol is strictly forbidden.

  • This diet can be occasional and boring because that diet can be very monotonous, and it does not include enough carbohydrates in the diet of that diet. But again, it can still last for 14 days. It is significant to be persistent in everything.

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