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Fried Eggplant

Updated: Apr 11

  • Now it's a season of eggplant, so I always use them while they are available. This is one of my favorite meals of fried eggplant and also a substitute for meat. In addition to them, zucchini are also grilled or fried. This vegetable is meaty and this is one of the easiest preparations and an easy way to get a real lunch and fill you up. This method of preparation is very fast. You can fry without the crumbs, but this is the complete recipe as I make it. Follow the recipe.

Ingredients: total time 30 min, very easy, 4 serving
  • 2 larger eggplants/ sliced 5 mm

  • salt and pepper to taste

For burial:

  • 6-7 Tbsp flour

  • 3 eggs/ scrambled

  • 5-6 Tbsp breadcrumbs/ optional

  • 100 ml Olive oil EVO/ for frying

  • 1/2 teaspoon of dry parsley

  • 1 teaspoon oregano

  • pinch of salt

  1. Wash the eggplants well.

  2. In this procedure, I did not remove the skin because it is a shame to throw it away because it has vitamins. But if you want, peel it off.

  3. Cut them into slices 5 mm thick.

  4. And so cut into rings, arrange them on a larger plate. Salt them on both sides, place a heavy board from above and wait 30 minutes for the liquid to come out.

  5. After that, gently squeeze them with your hands, make sure you don't squeeze them too much so that they don't lose their shape.

  6. Separate flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs into three plates.

  7. Add a little salt, black pepper, dry parsley and oregano to the beaten eggs.

  8. Then roll each eggplant in flour on both sides, then in scrambled eggs, then in breadcrumbs.

  9. Fry them in heated oil on both sides until they get a golden yellow color.

  10. Place the eggplants on a kitchen towel on a plate to absorb all the fat.

  11. Serve warm with a salad or some other topping.

  12. These eggplants are your meat substitute!

Buon appetito!

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