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How to Make Good Polenta?

Updated: Mar 5

  • Polenta is very healthy, but unfortunately also a forgotten dish. It is a traditional dish for both Serbs and Italians, I claim that Italians consume a lot of it even today, and here is the way to prepare polenta according to the oldest recipe. Look more info about Polenta and his health.

Ingredients: simple, total time: 20 min.
  1. Corn flour- 100 g per person

  2. 1 Tablespoon fat

  3. water-5 times the weight of cornflour (500 ml)

  4. 1 tsp of salt

For serving:

  • Dry bacon, Feta cheese, or some other meal like goulash, older cheese or milk.

  1. According to the number of people for whom you cook Polenta, determine the required amount of cornflour.

  2. Pour 5 times more water into a large pot in relation to the weight of cornflour. For example, for 250 g of cornflour, 1250 ml of water should be measured, to add 1 tablespoon of fat to the water and let it boil.

  3. Remove the pot from the hob and reduce the heat. Pour the cornflour gradually and stir. Return to the hob with constant stirring until the mixture begins to thicken.

  4. When it has become a thick mixture, cook on the lowest heat, stirring constantly. Some 2–3 minutes. Buon appetito!

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