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Plum Jam

Updated: Feb 14

  • A wonderful homemade plum jam that is simple and easy to make, the rule is that the sugar should be about 300 g per 1 kg of plums, of course depending on how sweet you like it. So when cooking, try to control the taste of the marmalade, so if you like less sugar, leave it as it is, do not put under 250 g, because then the jam loses its taste and density. With this recipe, you can also use jam for some cakes, strudel, biscuits, croissants or for pancakes, etc. Follow the recipe.

Ingredients: simple, 2 jars of 450 g
  • 1 kg plums/ cleaned and washed

  • 250-300 g sugar/depend on taste

  1. Wash the plums, clean them from the stems, and cut them in half. Remove the pits, put them in a large cooking pot and add about 250 – 300 g of sugar, depending on how sweet you like it, mix everything well, then mash until the fruit releases juice. Leave covered overnight or for several hours.

  2. After that, put the plums and cook them on low heat until they thicken. Pour the jam into sterile and still hot jars.

  3. See the procedure in more detail about sterilizing jars here! Buon appetito!

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